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Living a Language
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Ellen Connors, Susan Bursell, Virginia Duffy, Eve Friend, Sharon Bright, Lynne Riodan, Mary Joslyn, Kathy McGowan, Karen Biety, and Kathy McCartin enact the role of LES FRANCAISE.

Living a Language Enhances its Meaning
FRENCH AND SPANISH students took off a period and "just pretended" they lived in the country whose language they were studying. France, with its sidewalk cafes, strolling artists and beautiful models and flower carts.

New Spain, symbolized by the islands of the Careibbean with mantillas, flowerprinted skirts and bright colored scarves by SPANISH students.

"BEING A REPRESENTATIVE OF A LATIN AMERICAN ISLAND OF THE CARIBBEAN was a great sport," so say, (seated) Kay Murphy, Alice Hagan, Antoinette Bogner, Diane Wozniak, Marie de Groh, Catherine Irwin, Sue Wichn, Judy WIlder, and Agnes Keating.

Standing: Joe Marie Seeberger, Mary C. Schmitt, Rita Duffy, Peggy Corse, Anita Butler, Madeline Paine, Patricia Cronin and Peggy Phillips.

Old Rome ... New Romans Cavort in Story of Antiquity

Bedecked in Roman array, the freshman slaves and the sophomore All-A students were welcomed by the junior and senior Roman nobility. The feast and festivities were arranged by the two McGowans, Pat and Kathy.

The banquet began and the girls ate their Sicilian spaghetti and were fanned with ferns by the freshman slaves. After the fest, the program began. Mary C. La Due extolled the mytology in Literature and Classic and Sue Proper narrated the Latin Play, a mythological skit in a light vein. Peggy Lyons (Cicero) told the stories of the Trojan war to his grandchildren, which were illustrated by Maureen Hughes (Paris) and Thais Alexander (Venus).

Then the seniors received laurels, an ivy crown and a verse telling of their accomplishments in the Latin Class. Sister Michael Agnes and Sister Leo Clare agreed that the ROMAN NIGHT WAS A LATIN DELIGHT.

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