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Molding Lives Through Social Problems
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Leaving the instruments of labor at the feet of the Queen of Work, Our Lady of Guadalupe (Nancy WIlkerson), are senior social problems students Sharon Healy, Mary Ann Thompson, Donna Brady, Suzanne McShane, Judy Prendergast, Sue Weihn, Mary Lou Ulrich, Nancy Chaple, Judy Lotito, Mary Alice Kraeger, Sue Kerkhoven.

Molding Lives Through Social Problems

The ills of mankind exhibited by Mary Therese Anglim, Mary Jo Ransford, Barrie Flavin, Diane Gutsch, Judy CLinnin, and Sue Maher are being cured by nurse Delphine Medzydlo. Demonstrating how the five Papal Encyclicals cure these ills are: Bettina Palermo, Janet Brisco, Dorothy Suba, Sharon Hart, Janet Foy, and Carol Brennan.

Reflecting the Problems of Country, Church and Family
The Social Problem student is an aware and well-informed student as no subject in High School, other than religion, so closely touches the life of the student.

Here all of man's ills are stated and discussed with corresponding solutions offered through the centuries by the Popes.

The Five Great Encyclicals offer a solution to five of his greatest woes.

Aritrating the wages and working conditions of Chris Slomka, Rosemary Kieffer, Rosemary Keldon, Ingrid Ryha and Liz Sweeny, is Sandra Banasiak. The boss, Jane Davoren, refusing the agreement until certain compromises are established.

Preserving peace is the object of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Observing the birthday of N.A.T.O. is Mary Carol Ladue, Karen Morley, Helen Cahill, Mary Kay Schmitt, Liz Sweeny, and Rosemary Kieffer.

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