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This is My Country
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This is My Country ...
To Know and To Love
For My Country and For my God...
I Live
"To Love" requires knowledge, so to love one's country, its long story of joys and sorrows, trials and tribulations becomes my story as I live the history of my glorious country through its study.

Knowing that today's youth will step up to assume the noble role of citizenship, my history study is a "must" in my life.

Should I disregard this noble heritage I would be as a traitor to my beloved land.

Ready for the CONSTITUTION TEST, an Illinois State requirement for graduation from high school, two hundred seven students of history must know all about the Constitution of these United States. Sister Jane Dominic is at the controls.

An up-to-date magazine, the AMERICAN OBSERVER, plus the text, CONCEIVED IN LIBERTY, and the globe to plot places of historic origin, four eager students: Kathy White, Marita Reilly, ROsemary Keldon and Kathy Murphy have a "field day" for knowledge.

Honoring the OLD, while welcoming the NEW, four happy seniors star the flag with its two new arrivals, HAWAII and ALASKA. They are: Patricia McGowan, Delphine Mezydlo, Nancy Chaple and Paula Fitzmaurice.

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