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White Collar Girls Touch Keys to Success
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Like a key that opens the door, thus giving access to a dwelling, so does the typewriter hold in its pulse the secret of the secretary.

At her bidding she may type letters to the great or to the lowly; to the President of the United States; to the lowly, an orphaned child in far-off mission lands.

Varied is her occupation: a financial report to a business leader or a contract to the latest star in Hollywood.

She is the mediatrix to thousands of hopeful people, whose future lies in the typewritten word of the secretary, who becomes the heart of the business world.

Every eye must be alert to type accurately. Accomplishment in the form of production, such as a letter from dictation or an attractively arranged tabulated problem brings great satisfaction.

Rows of typists all aiming for the same thing: precision, speed and accuracy. Top speed of 70 words a minute brings a girl to a professional status.

Typing cards and filing them adds a little variety to the usual typing period.

Glued to the world of business with its many facets and problems, today's secretary hopes some day to be a leader and eventually to rule.

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