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Faith Through Devotion, Study
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Faith ... Through Devotion

AD JESUM PER MARIAM, the Sodality of Our Lady motto, likewise is the aim of the senior Religion course. (Herewith pictured). The life of Catholic devotion and its mainspring is the Catholic faith.

To increase faith through devotion, the Catholic Church offers her liturgy. The glory of the MASS is invested in the priest; in commune with Our Lady through her rosary link, a devote Aquinite; four seniors prepare a fitting throne with silks and flowers and delicate treatment; a Knight offers his courage to Mary, and seniors see the analogy in their own lives; girls study the Mass, to enhance its beauty and elegance; four seniors delve deeply into its sacred depths.

Circled around her shrine in Room 201, Seniors Delphine Medzydlo, Lynne Wald, Judy Sterbentz and Marita Reilly prepare Mary's shrine.

Aquinas Chaplain Father Brett stands before the King in his daily Mass.

Senior Sharon Tansey says her beads before Our Lady's shrine.

Faith ... Through Study

Before the mural in Room 201, Darlene Baverle and Bonnie Sutton discuss the stirring story of the Knight's gallant adventures for Our Lady.

Seniors Barbara Howell, Barbara Fingleton, Patricia Leddy and Sharon Murphy study the Mass.

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