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Seniors - Witkewitz-Zielinski
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To Grasp Eternal Happiness

Bonnie Witkewitz, Judy Zielinski

So Ends the
Challenge of 1-9-5-9

And so the LOOKING FORWARD of the Senior ends ... and yet just begins
Poised before the wrought iron gates of picturesque Saint Philip Neri
Church, Senior Class President Mary Ellen Spain, gazes into the future
of the Class of '59.

The group will separate, but in body only, never in spirit. Each graduate
radiates with the wisdom of four well spent years. One in spirit, one in
goal, one in ideals and always LOOKING FORWARD to greatness beyond.


Sealing a farewell wish for the Class of '59, seniors officers, Sue Wallheiser,
Beverly Knes, Kathy Rohe and Mary Carol La Duc, before the KING in Saint

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