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The Forward Look
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The Forward Look for 1959
or The Forward Look ... The Challenge of 1959

It all began in '58
With hopes for '59 all high
Sputniks raging 'round the earth
And missiles in the sky.

Then down to earth
And in a school
A program ranked first place
Accelerate, Accelerate
To keep abovce the pace.

So harder still we had to work
With extra subjects too
To ply our trade and make the grade
And make success of YOU.

Just "FORWARD LOOK" and you will see
Unfold before your eye
A year that began with effort and tang
And reached up to the sky.

Daily Old Glory is "roped" to the breeze to honor the Nation for which it stands. Daily Jean Keeley and Judy Johnson fulfilled their honored task.

Senior Citizens of the Month salute the Red, White and Blue: (1) Jeanne Cahill, (2) Mary Catherine Schmitt, (3) Sue Kerkoven, (40 Judy Prendergast, (5) Patricia Gallagher, (6) Leona Roberts and (7) Este Michalak.

To be repeated this June of 1959. Graduation of 1958 with Saint Phillip's in mourning for its beloved CARDINAL STRETCH.

Anne Marie Bridge. Silver Knight Award winner with M.C. Danny Thomas.

Mary Jo Ransford looked fondly on a Saint Thomas Symposium trophy

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