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ADRIAN, MICHIGAN, October 19, 2008, Sister Mary T. Meegan, formerly known as Sister John Maureen Meegan, died on October 19, 2008, at the Dominican Life Center in Adrian, Michigan. She was 83 years of age and in the 63rd year of her religious profession in the Adrian Dominican Congregation.
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I had an interesting interchange with Sister Michael Agnes, she taught Social studies and history when I was in Junior year. I liked her a lot, she was a very good teacher and spoke beautifully about history - which she obviously loved to teach. But one day - early in the year - she was lecturing all of us on keeping our minds open so that the learning could get through - and she stressed that you could not love any concept or idea unless you had total understanding of it, which came from learning. She stressed again and again that you "had to understand something in order to accept and love it". I used to sit in the first row, because nuns were always watching the back of the class, and that day I simply shook my head "no" while she was repeatedly making that point. Finally, she stopped - made eye contact with me, and rather imperiously said "Miss French, do you take issue with that statement", I replied that I did indeed. "Well then Miss French, tell me one thing you can love without totally understanding it?" I answered "The Holy Trinity"! The class erupted - and she had the stangest look on her face, I thought she was going to berate me for being sassy with her - but instead, she walked up to me and gave me a hug. Well, as you can imagine, I was shocked. But from that day forward - I was her pet. Apparently, she wanted us to think for ourselves and not blindly take everything as gospel. That's my favorite nun story from Aquinas.
Joan French, 7/1/07
Sister Sabina is the one who told us we were to wash our hair twice, once for the scalp and once for our hair. She liked me because I knew all the mysteries of the rosary. She had a wicked smile and loved a good laugh. Someone told me she asked about me before she died. Don't remember who though. I remember graduation day in Sister Sabina's room. My dress had a little balloon type skirt and my gown wouldn't close over it. She made me take off my dress and wear my slip under the gown. Amazing that I can't remember what I did yesterday but that fact sticks in my mind. Hmmm...

Sister Eloise was very "flighty" and we took advantage of her every chance we got. I remember one day we had an assembly and when the warning bell rang, everyone got up and left. She was stunned to see only 3 people left (including me) and wondered out loud about all the hall guards in her room. I was laughing so hard I couldn't get up out of my seat. She taught with her eyes closed so she never saw us passing test papers around the room. She'd leave the answers on the lecturn and someone would go up there and stand like they couldn't see the board. I gotta tell you it was a blast in her room. She was fun too and, like Sister Sabina, liked to laugh. We did a lot of silly stuff in her room and if she knew, she never let on. Judy Steffens could imitate her like no one else.
Lenore Victor, 4/25/06

What do I remember from my days at Aquinas?

The Victorian style green gym costumes.

Thunderous cheering for volleyball and basketball games.

Gilbert and Sullivan productions.

Energetic dancing at lunchtime.

Singing with Sister Grace Adelaide in the study hall . . . Oklahoma, Carmen Carmella.

The smiling and friendly sister who ran the library. . . . Sister Visitation

The green uniforms and marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown.

Clarice Strauch's heavenly singing voice.

Trips by bus to the state Science Fair in Champaign-Urbana - it seemed such an adventure.

Terrie Benson, 4/11/06
What a wonderful, dedicated woman! Sr. Rose Ethel allowed me to apply to the FBI for a position as a stenographer after graduation. It was at the Chicago FBI Office where I met my wonderful husband. Shortly after we were married, we were transferred to New York, and on our trip East we stopped at Adrian, Michigan, to see Sr. Rose Ethel since I wanted to introduce her to my Tom. Sr. Rose Ethel gave Tom a small Sacred Heart badge which he carries in his wallet to this day. We corresponded for years with Sister until she passed away. May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in Peace.
Mary Connelly, 4/10/06
I was arrested once for chewing gum in science class with Sister John Maureen, a completely embarrassing experience. My detention was with Sister Mary Daniel in the music room. That's how I learned how she got her pianos polished and her ENDLESS venetian blinds cleaned. When everyone was talking about the Mel Gibson movie about the Passion, I was always reminded of Sister John Maureen's excruciatingly detailed descriptions of the event, and thought she would have made a great advisor for the movie.
Mary Van Deusen, 4/7/06
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