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Class Song

Arise ye faithful Aquinites,
Your colors bright unfurl.
Let your voice sing the part
In the choice of your heart.
It's the school for every girl.

Then sing, girls, and send the strains above
With echoes of a love that ne'er will die.
Sing, girls, along the path of life and bring,
Joy in everything. Victory will ring.

Then lift high the head, the heart, the eye,
And tell America Aquinas offers.
American youth, American truth,
The spirit of faith and honor.
Hail Black and Gold.

To you we sing with hearts afire.
We love to hear your name.
Let the Flame never fail,
Keep the Light on the trail,
And the goal, that is our aim.


[Thanks to Kathy O'Keefe and Maureen Tobin for
remembering the words to the song. Maureen was
usually the accompanist as we sang.]

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