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Class of 1962 Student Index

Mary Lou Hennessy,                 Eileen Keane,                 Kathy O'Keefe

Carol Hinsberger

Judy Prisby,         Marianne Kapes,         Judy Ewing,         Judy Druzik,         x,         Mary Lou Hennessy

Rochelle Jacobs

Marianne Kapes,                 Mary Ann Christensen,                 Eileen O'Connor

Kathy DuLude,                 Cathie Black

Lynn Meister,                 Joan Guzzo,                 Judy Eisfelder,                 Sue Daskas

Sharon Milet

Judy Prisby,                 Marianne Kapes,                 Clarice Strauch

Peggy Ferguson,                 Geri Donovan

Margo Duffy

Judy Prisby

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