Video of Vicky Clark Making Risotta
Vicky works without measuring and plays heat like a piano

Sort Of Vicky's Risotta

1stickbutter, or olive oil
1largeonion, chopped or stalks green onion
1/2 - 1tspgarlic, chopped (optional)
18ozarborio rice
2-3large canssoup stock, chicken or vegetable,
or use 6-8 boullion cubes in 6-8 cups water
3-4stalksbroccoli flowerettes
1wholecauliflower tops
..asparagus pieces
1/2pkgfrozen peas
8ozmushrooms, sliced
2.014 ozsaffron, broken
3/4 - 1 1/2cupsparmesan cheese, fresh shredded

This recipe seems to work best in an electric fry pan, since it cooks for a long time (over 20 min but under 1 hour). In the fry pan cook at 300 degrees.

Saute the chopped onion and diced garlic in butter or olive oil. When onion is transparent, add the arborio rice and stir in. Stir constantly, uncovered. If rice starts to stick, add soup stock or boullion to loosen it. You'll keep doing this through the entire cooking.

When rice is 3/4 done, add vegetables.

"Done" is when the rice is creamy with kernels that are crunchy and chewy.

First add cauliflower and broccoli, because they take longest to cook. When they're close to being done, add asparagus. When that's nearly cooked, add peas and mushrooms.

Don't forget to keep stirring the rice and adding stock.

Break saffron in mortar with pestle, or back of a spoon on a plate. Sprinkle onto rice and vegetables in pan, then let steam for a few minutes toget the yellow color and saffron flavor through the whole dish.

When the rice tastes done, remove from pan and toss with shredded parmesan cheese.

Vicky makes variations on this dish, adding wine, chicken, different vegetables, etc.

Saffron is expensive, so it's worthwhile keeping aware of prices and buying in advance when you find a good deal.


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