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In Defense of the Address to Lord Lovelace
March 1708/9

If th' Addressers are Angry 'tis by no means unfit
That at once they discharge both their Spleen and their witt,
Since the Town is obliged they'le thank 'em no less
For a Scurvy Lampoon than a Fawning Address;
They're both helps to discourse, and though never so mean
The world can discern 'twixt the Witt and the Spleen;
And Honest Will Bradford is not so Morose
But he'le publish their Talents in Verse and in Prose;
That the Town mayn't be wanting to render due praise
To those who So justly meritts the Bayes.

As Ravens and Night-owls their Voices betray
So Asses are certainly known when they bray.
And Spight of the Noise and bustle they've made
Mankind will believe that a Spade is a Spade.
That Bullies and Bankrupts, and Men without Store
Dull wretches that have not one Virtue or More,
The Pests of the Country, whose Practice has been
To flatter the Governor, and Lie to the Queen,
Have right to no favour in a Well-govern'd State
But to Swing in an Halter, or peep through a Grate.

Address to Lord Lovelace
March 12, 1708/9

May it please your Excellency

I was not here when the Gentlemen of the Councill addrest Your Excellency, and am glad Providence has given Me the Opportunity of appearing Alone on this Occasion to congratulate the Arrival of a Person New-Jersey has So much with impatience expected, to put a Period to an Administration, The Representative Body of this Country justly Stiles the worst it ever knew.

And I doubt not your Conduct will be Serviceable to Her Majtie, and pleasing to Her Subjects, wherein those rash Methods, which caused the Infelicity of past times, will be avoided, and a just distinction made between those Persons who endeavoured to make the World believe, the most Arbitrary Acts were an asserting of the Queen's Prerogative Royall and those who are equally tender of Her Majesties Honour and the Safety of their Country, and are for preserving to both their undoubted rights.

I promise to my Self the whole course of Yor. Administration will be like this Temperate beginning which will imbalm Your Memory, and procure You a Solid and lasting Fame when the Strained Encomiums of Mercenary Pens will only prove Satyrs on their Authors, whose hate and praise is equally contemptible.

My Poor endeavours shall never be wanting to contribute to Your Real Service, And I ask your favour and esteem no longer than while I approve my Self to be what I really am Her Majities. Loyall Subject and Yor Excellcies. humble & most faithfull Servt:

emptyLewis Morris

The Papers of Lewis Morris, Volume I, 1698-1730, Collections of the New Jersey Historical Society, Volume 24,
Eugene R. Sheridan, Editor, Newark NJ, 1991, p.92.

emptyLewis Morris
Lewis Morris

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