Dr. Henry Livingston, Sr. Biography

Dr. Henry Livingston, Sr.
29 Aug 1714, Kingston NY
10 Feb 1799, Poughkeepsie NY
+ 1742
Susanna Storm Conklin
9 Jul 1724, Tarrytown, NY
22 May 1793, Poughkeepsie NY

Eleven children:
1. Gilbert Livingston - his papers are in NYPL
14 Sep 1742, Poughkeepsie NY
1806, Poughkeepsie NY
Married: Catharine Crannel 27 Feb 1 1763 Rumbout NY

2. Rev. John Henry Livingston
30 May 1746, Poughkeepsie NY
20 Jan 1825, New Brunswick NJ
Married: Sarah Livingston, dau of Signer Philip Livingston26 Nov 1775 Kingston NY

3. Major Henry Livingston, Jr.
13 Oct 1748, Poughkeepsie NY
29 Feb 1828, Poughkeepsie NY
Married: Sarah Welles, dau of Rev. Dr. Noah Welles 18 May 1774, Stanford CT
Married: Jane McLean Patterson 1 Sep 1793

4. Cornelia Livingston
29 Sep 1750
14 Feb 1810, NYC home of Rev. John Henry Livingston
Married: Myndant Van Kleeck 2 Jul 1788, NYC

5. Johanna Livingston
16 May 1754
16 Jan 1795, buried: Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery
Married: Paul Schenck 26 Jan 1776, Poughkeepsie NY

6. Susan Livingston
21 Sep 1755
date unknown
Married: Gerardus Duyckinck 28 Nov 1775, Poughkeepsie NY

7. Lt. Robert Henry Livingston
25 Oct, 1760
31 Aug 1804, buried: Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery #26
Married: Catharine (Caty) Tappan, dau of Dr. Peter Voss Crannel Tappan 26 Jan 1776, Poughkeepsie NY

8. Beekman Livingston
11 Dec 1762
Aft. 1831, Syracuse NY
Married: Catharine Marsh Abt 1786, Poughkeepsie NY

9. Catharine H. Livingston (Probably named for Gov. William Livingston)

10. Helena Livingston
15 Oct 1767, Poughkeepsie NY
8 Apr 1859, Yonkers NY
Married: Judge Jonas PlattJun 1790, Poughkeepsie NY

11. Alida Livingston
5 May 1768, Poughkeepsie NY
12 Jul 1843, Oswego NY
Married: General Melanchton Lloyd Woolsey3 Mar 1779, Poughkeepsie NY


Duchess County Doorways p.164 Plate 169
House of Henry Livingston
The mantel shown on plate 169 is now in the house at Poughkeepsie which is maintained by the Daughters of the American Revolution as the Clinton Museum but originally it was in the house on the bank of the Hudson which was the homestead of the Livingston family.

Henry Livingston (1714-1799) bought a small house at Poughkeepsie in 1742 and added to it from time to time, until when he died it had become of generous proportions. During the nineteenth century it was still further enlarged and ultimately it was a rambling structure full of the story of the life of a family for a century and a quarter.

The executors of the will of Henry Livingston sold this homestead on March 7, 1800 to Henry Alexander Livingston (1776-1849), a grandson of the first owner [and son of Gilbert Livingston], and at his death it passed to his widow. The latter died in 1870 and in 1872 the Hudson River Iron Company bought it. The company's successors, the Phoenix Horseshoe Company, used the house as an office-building for many years but in 1910 tore it down. At that time the mantel in the southwest parlor was presented to the Daughters of the American Revolution and set up in the Clinton Museum. A brass grate, once encircled by this mantle, is shown in an old photograph in the Year Book of the Dutchess County Historical Society for 1919.

The mantel recorded in plate 169 and the grate it once held were made in designs that were current in approximately the 'thirties and, although they were in the house that originally was the home of Henry Livingston, he died in 1799 and so the mantel and the grate date from the time of his grandson, Henry Alexander Livingston. It is therefore with the name and story of the latter that they are associated here.


(One of the Livingston books)
Dr. Henry Livingston b. 8 Sept. 1714 at Kinston, son of Gilbert Livingston and Cornelia Beekman, m. Susan Conklin, daughter of John Conklin. They settled at Poughkeepsie, where he had a grant, for life, of the clerkship of Dutchess County. He was for many years a member of the Provincial Assembly from the County of Dutchess; was a Whig of the Revolution; and d. 10 Feb 1799 at his family residence, near Poughkeepsie, in the 85th year of his life.

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