Gilbert Livingston, Jr. (1750-1810) Biography

Gil Liv Des - Kinead
Gilbert Livingston first served in the British Army and, later, took to the sea and was Master of various ships trading from the West Indies to England and New York. Numerous letters to, from, and about him are in the archives of the New-York Historical Society; one of these to his father, dated Kingston, Jamaica Jan. 11, 1744-45, is of interest as it tells of the postponement of his marriage because of a disaster at sea.

"When I wrote you in August last, I did intend to have marryd at my return from Portobello, if I had rec'd your answer, but am utterly disappointed, for on Oct. 20th last, I had a briga. belonging to Mr. Curtin.... I was aboard her and was drove on shore in the storm and the vessell rack'd all to pieces, the cargo all lost, and 2 men drowned. Mr. Curtin lost that day seven thousand pounds. By this means I have given over the thought of marrying for a while till I can retrive the loss I latly sustained."

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