Gilbert Livingston (1689-1746) Biography

Gilbert Livingston
3 Mar 1689, Albany NY
25 Apr 1746, Kingston NY
+ 22 Dec 1711, Kingston NY
Cornelia Beekman
18 Jun 1693, Kingston NY
24 Jun 1742, Kingston NY

Fourteen children:
1. Robert Gilbert Livingston
11 Jan 1712/1713, Kingston NY
27 Oct 1789, NYC
Married: Catharine McPheadre 3 Nov 1740

2. Dr. Henry Livingston
29 Aug 1714, Kingston NY
10 Feb 1799, Poughkeepsie NY
Married: Susanna Storm Concklin, dau of Captain John Jan Conklin26 Nov 1775 Kingston NY

3. Alida Livingston
13 May 1716, Poughkeepsie NY
1798, Poughkeepsie NY
Married: Captain Jacob Rutsen 24 Nov 1737, Kingston NY

4. Lt. Gilbert Livingston, Jr.
29 Sep 1750
14 Feb 1810, NYC home of Rev. John Henry Livingston
Married: Joy Darell 26 Jul 1748, Bermuda

5. John Livingston
19 Sep 1720, Kingston
Aft. 1740

6. Joanna Livingston
17 Aug 1722
10 Sep 1808
Married: General Pierre Van Cortlandt 28 May 1748, NYC

7. Wilhemus Livingston
1724, Kingston NY
died as infant

8. Philippus Livingston
26 Jun 1726, Kingston NY
8 Jun 1751, Curacao West Indies

9. James Livingston
29 Mar 1728, Kingston NY
2 Jun 1790, probably Poughkeepsie NY
Married: Judith Newcomb 11 Nov 1751, Poughkeepsie NY

10. Samuel Livingston
20 Jan 1729/1730, Kingston NY
2 Jul 17-6 at sea as a sailor

11. Cornelius Livingston
28 Apr 1732, Kingston NY
died in childhood

12. Catharine Livingston
17 Jul 1734
Married: Jonathan Thorn

13. Margaret Livingston
20 Jun 1738
Married: Petrus Stuyvesant11 Oct 1764, Kingston NY

14. Gilbert Livingston


green Livingston book p.19
HUBERTUS or GILBERT LIVINGSTON, fourth son and sixth child of Robert Livingston and Alida (Schuyler-Van Rensselaer) Livingston, was born March 3, 1690. He was registrar of the Colonial Court of Chancery in 1720, and county clerk of Ulster the same year. From 1728 to 1738 he was a member of the Assembly for the Manor; major of Dutchess County militia and received the commission of lieutenant-colonel in 1739. Under his father's will he inherited one-seventh part of the Saratoga patent. It was on this land that General Burgoyne surrendered to General Gates in October, 1777.


Page 623.--In the name of God, Amen. I, GILBERT LIVINGSTON, of Kingston, in Ulster County, being sick and weak. Whereas there is to be raised out of the land given by my father-in-law Colonel Henry Beekman, to my beloved spouse Cornelia Livingston, deceased, the sum of 3,000, for my 10 younger children, Henry, Gilbert, Philip, James, Samuel, Cornelius, Alida, wife of Captain Jacob Rutson, Joana, Catharine, and Margaret, The said sum shall be equally divided among them. And whereas there is to be raised the sum of 1,000 for me and my heirs and assigns, I give the same and all my lands and estate to my eldest son, Robert Livingston, and my other 10 children. My executors have full power to sell all lands to pay debts. I make my sons Robert and Henry, and my son-in-law, Captain Jacob Rutsen, and my beloved nephew, Robert Livingston, son of my brother, Robert Livingston, executors.

December 12, 1745. Witnesses, Thomas Beekman, Jacobus De Lameter, Job Viele. Proved, August 29, 1746.

End of Liber 15.

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