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Arrival and Reception of the Seventeenth Regiment New York State Volunteers -- Dinner at the Park Barracks


The Seventeenth regiment New York State Volunteers arrived from the seat of war yesterday morning, under command of Lieutenant Colonel Bartram. They numbered about three hundred men, and were fittingly received by the city authorities, as well as the military. This regiment was organized by Colonel H.S. Lansing, and went out from this State over one thousand strong. In its struggles in defense of the national integrity the regiment lost over seven hundred men, and the remaining war-worn veterans yesterday paraded through our principal streets, and were received with enthusiastic welcome at the hands of the people.

At four o'clock the procession filed through the Park. The Seventeenth were escorted by the Seventy-first regiment, N.G., the recruiting officers at present in the city, and several private organizations. Major Opdyke, accompanied by the Committee on National Affairs of the Common Council, reviewed the regiment as it marched through the Park. The route of procession was up Broadway to Madison Square, around the square to and through Twenty-ninth street to Fifth avenue, down Fifth avenue to Fourteenth street, down Fourteenth street to Broadway and down Broadway to the Park Barracks.

At the Fifth Avenue Hotel Generals McClelland and Fitz John Porter reviewed the regiment as it passed from the piazza of the hotel. The men were halted, and and the most frantic outburst of applause went up from the whole line as their favorite commander was recognized. Cheer upon cheer arose, to which compliment the General modestly bowed his acknowledgements.

At the Plaza Barracks the regiment was entertained by an excellent dinner prepared at the expense of the city. Together with the officers of the Seventeenth were present nearly all the recruiting officers at present in the city, among whom were Col. Braulik, of the Defenders, Col. Liebenau, of the Seymour Cavalry, and Col. Mott.

Toasts were quaffed to the gallent Seventeenth and the officers, whilst enthusiastic cheers were given for Generals McClellan and Fitz John Porter. Short speeches were made by Col. Lansing, Col. Mott, Capt. Turner, of the Seventy-first andothers. The excellent preparations for the dinner were made under the supervision of Capt. Hicks, of the barracks. The great feature of the entertainment was the great enthusiasm expressed in connection with the name of General McClellan.

The following are the officers of the regiment:--

Colonel -- H.S. Lansing
Lieutenant Colonel -- N.B. Bartram
Major -- W.F.C. Grower
Quartermaster -- G.Haws
Captain -- Foley, Kelly, Wild and Vickers
Second Lieutanants -- Kelly, Moore, Lusk, Clarkson, Cordery and Faulkner

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