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May 2, 1861

During the last few weeks, Colonel H.S. Lansing, the founder, and for some time the President, of the New York State Military Association, and also an ex-member of General Spicer's staff, has been engaged enlisting men to form a regiment, which will be called the Westchester Chasseurs.

It has now about eight hundred men enrolled. Five hundred of them are quartered in the large six story building at the corner of Broadway and Rector street; two hundred are at No. 84 Duane and the remainder will be accomodated with temporary quarters in this city as soon as the companies are filled up.

Morrisania, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Port Chester and White Plains have furnished one company each; New York city three, and two more are organizing, one in this city and one in Brooklyn. They will be ready to be mustered into the service of the United States at the end of the present week, and will form one of the most effective and serviceable regiments which this State has furnished, as the majority of the recruits come from the farming districts, and all of them are inured to hard work, and all the rough and humble incidents to which they will be subject during a campaign.

Their drilling is rigorously carried on at the depots, where they are under the regular garrison regulations of the United States service. Their uniform will be the regulation uniform worn by the New York State Militia. As the principal depot, and also the headquarters of Colonel Lansing, on Broadway, there are five hundred men quartered, the building is about two hundred feet deep by thirty wide, and six stories high. Everything is conducted with military exactness and precision. The companies are drilled by squads during the day, the rooms affording ample space for them. The mattresses upon which the men sleep are all piled up against the wall during the day to afford more room for the marching and drilling of the recruits. And by the time the arms and equipment arrive, Colonel Lansing expects to be able to turn out, not only a fine looking, but well disciplined regiment.

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