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To Thyrza

Without a stone to mark the spot,
And say what truth might well have said,
By all, save one, perchance forgot;
Ah, wherefore art thou lowly laid?
By many a shore and many a sea,
Divided, yet beloved in vain;
The past, the future fled to thee
To bid us meet - no - ne'er again!
Could this have been - a word - a look
That softly said, "We part in peace,"
Had taught my bosom how to brook,
With fainter sighs, thy soul's release,
And didst thou not- since Death for thee
Prepared a light and pangless dart.-

Once long for him thou ne'er shalt see,
Who held, and holds thee in his heart?
Oh! who like him had watch'd thee here?
Or sadly mark'd thy glazing eye
In that dread hour ere death appear,
When silent Sorrow fears to sigh,
Till all was past? But when no more
'Twas thine to reck of human woe,
Affection's heart-drops, gushing o'er,
Had flow'd as fast - as now they flow
Shall thy not flow, when many a day
In these, to me, deserted towers,
E're call'd but for a time away,
Affection's minging tears were ours?
Ours too the glance none saw beside;
The smile none else might understand;
The whisper'd thought of hearts allied,
The pressure of the thrilling hand;
The kiss so guiltless and refin'd
That love each warmer wish forbore-
Those eyes proclaim'd so pure a mind,
Ev'n passion blush'd to plead for more-

The tone, that taught me to rejoice,
When prone, unlike thee, to repine;
The song, celestial from thy voice,
But sweet to me from none but thine;
The pledge we wore - I wear it still,
But where is thine? - ah, where art thou?
Oft have I borne the weight of ill
But never bent beneath till now!
Well hast thou left in life's best bloom
The cup of woe for me to drain;
If rest alone be in the tomb,
I would not wish thee here again.
But if in realms more blest than this
Thy virtues seek a fitter sphere,
Impart some portion of thy bliss
To wean me from mine anguish here.
Teach me - too early taught by thee!-
To bear, forgiving and forgiven:
On earth thy love was such to me;
It fain would form my hope of heaven!


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