x Careless Philosopher's Soliloquy Funny
x To the Memory of Sarah Welles Livingston (first wife) Sad
x Scots Wha Hae Wie Wallace Bled (old song) Sad
x God is Love Religious
x Henry Welles Livingston (first son of that name) Sad
x Hiding Place Religious
x To the ladies Funny
x German Spa (song) Loving
x Horace Loving
x To my little niece Sally Livingston (brother Gilbert's daughter Sarah) Loving
x Frontier Song (song) Cheerful
x Fairer than the Queen of Love Rebus
x To Miss Loving
x Lo, From the East Religious
x A New Year's address of Richard and George (1787 Carrier's Address) Political
x On My Little Catharine Sleeping Loving
x Easter Religious
x Dialogue between Madame J.L. and her children (second wife) Funny
x Anne Duyckinck (sister Susan's daughter) Loving
x Spadille Funny
x Mrs. Van Kleeck (sister Cornelia) Funny
x Acknowledgment Funny
x On a lap-dog of the Miss Loth, called Belle Funny/Sad
x Arabella Loving
x Epithalamium (sister Helen) Loving
x Take the Name of That Planet Rebus
x Catharine Livingston Breese (first daughter Catharine) Sad
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