Henry Livingston, Jr.
Carrier Addresses

[xx publication on the commencement of the New-Year - but in consequence of having been mislaid, they have been deterred till this time -- The intelligence from the continent of Europe received since they were written is calculated to lessen the writer's apprehensions of universal subjugation to the power of Bonaparte -- The Tyrant who has for years lorded it over the nations of continental Europe, has we trust passed the meridian of his power -- And if we mistake not, the name of Bonaparte will ere long cease to inspire terror where but lately he was regarded as invicible.]
For the Journal.

Another year has roll'd her course,
O'er crimson fields of blood,
Another, with a voice more hoarse,
Proclaims a redder floor.

That Tyrant - scourge of human-kind,
Whose name declares his power,
Whom bonds of virtue ne'er can bind,
Leaves none a peaceful hour.
No realm, though distant e'er so far,
Can 'scape the Tyrant's sway,
His breath, more dire than savage war,
Dooms Nations to decay.
Nor pow'r can aught his flight resist--
Or waves his course can bind--
His course, already, is impress'd,
His flight is through the mind.
Where'er his wishes wing their way,
'Tis dark, where brightness shone,
To gloomy night, is chang'd the day,
And hearts, are turn'd to stone.
The Father -- from his bosom spurns
The Son whom once he lov'd--
The Mother -- from her infant turns
And sees it die -- unmov'd.
Columbia! Must thy Heaven-blest shores
Confess the Monster's power?
Who on his "Friends" his curses pours,
Who "loves" but to devour--
Too sure thy crimson'd waves declare
Thou'rt doom'd to his regard;
While bleeding Nations, cry, "beware
"The love that we have shar'd!"--
His Country's Liberty, he loved;
That love, has seal'd her doom!
His mur'drous hand, has there engrav'd
"Hic jacet" o'er her tomb.
Then e'er another year's revolved,
Let Deeds show this Decree--
Columbia's Sons, have thus resolv'd,


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