Henry Livingston, Jr.
Carrier Addresses

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To his Patrons,,

ONCE more, dear friends, you see me here
To wish you all a happy year: -
And while such blessings shall prevail
My earnest wish can scarcely fail: -
Swiftly our look-out news boat plies
To meet the flood of merchandize,
Which on our shores incessant run,
From every clime beneath the sun.
O! happy day! - o'er all days blest,
Which gave our bleeding country rest:
Which brought sweet PEACE, with smiling face,
To bless Columbia's suffering race! -
Now Commerce, with her golden wand,
Prosperity spreads, o'er our land.
Our Navigation, as of yore,
Now shitens all the ocean o'er:
Our paper, as in former days,
Long shipping columns now displays:
And advertisements, many a row,
There make a cheering goodly show.
Ships, schooners, sloops there take their stand,
Bound out to every distant land.
There lie arranged in many a heap,
Broadcloths and narrow, cheap and cheap!
There higgle-piggle, we expose,
Wax candles - boots and ladies' hose -
Spice-boxes - flannels - cotton shawls -
Gloves - ginghams - night-caps - lamps for halls -
Bloom raisins - ginger - Holland gin -
Teas, hyson, souchong, just come in: -
Segars and sugars - Russian matts
Ochre and lead and beaver hats -
Salt - sheetings - shirtings, very fine,
Coal - cords and flour - Madeira wine. -
Merino shawls - and Russian tails -
Castors and composition nails:
Umbrellas - onions - earthen mugs -
Pimento - paints and patent rugs:
Claret and coarse cloths - coffee - crape,
Tobacco - turpentine and tape -
Great anchors with best iron stocks -
Lemons - loaf-sugar - lawns and locks; -
Fine ladies' cloths, brown, blake and blue -
Molasses - mustard - Irish glue -
Mess pork - mess beef, and eke mess shad,
(And soon mess sturgeon may be had)
Bolts - bombazets and buck-wheat meal -
Hops - honey - hams and hoop L steel;
Feathers and flaxseed - figs in frails
Tea trays and mouse traps - tubs and pails -
The best of planets, point and rose -
Cordage - cast-steel and calicoes;
Decanters - dumb-fish - dying wood -
Whalebone and whiskey, very good:
Taurino cloth, for coachmen's coats -
Salmon - salt-petre - skins of goats;
Bandanno shawls - ditto Madras -
Potatoes - china - rum and glass;
Swords - pistols - butter - bread and cheese -
Gunpower F, and ditto teas;
Silk cloths and stockings - buttons - baize -
Mulmuls - romals and ladies' stays:
Books - iron - tin and lead and copper,
In sheets, or any shape that's proper:
Brandy and brimstone - shot and leather,
And things which will not string together.
Therefore, for all those unsung yet
We must refer you to Gazette.
Our growing trade may there be eyed
By true-men with a country's pride; -
For no port, on the ancient coast,
Can such a prosprous commerce boast.
No city under eastern sky,
E'er rose so fast, or rose so igh:
May it continue (Heaven blest)
The great emporium of the west;
Till fire prevails, o'er land and sea,
And time itself shall cease to be.

January 1st, 1818.


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