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If Don Foster and I had been working in the same building, it would have still been important to find a way to share information between us. But because we lived in different states, it was crucial. Since I was the computer techie, as well as the low-level gatherer, I created a set of webpages that were available to Don on the Internet kept out of the public eye by a "guard." Don would only know where our subsite was because I told him the address.

For Don to be able to compare the Christmas poem with Henry's writing, we had to have a database of that writing. The problem was that we were having trouble finding original sources to guarantee poems were, in fact, by Henry. Additionally, we knew that Henry published his work anonymously, and we knew that he published under the pseudonym of "R." What we had to do was keep track of those we were certain were Henry's, while also keeping track of those that might be. My solution was a table of poetry and prose pieces that included a colored indication of how confident we were that the work was Henry's.

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