Major Henry's Great grandchildren and Beyond

Commander Samuel Livingston Breese
General Henry L. Burnett
President George Bush
Governor George Walker Bush
Commodore Robert Gracey Denig, U. S. N.
Brig. Gen. Robert Livingston Denig, Sr
Brig. Gen. Robert Livingston Denig, Jr
Cornelia Griswold Goodrich
Cornelia Platt Griswold Goodrich
Brig.Gen. Henry Livingston Lansing
Brig.Gen. Henry Seymour Lansing
Prof. Charles Walker Morse
Prof. S.F.B. Morse
Bleecker Lansing Morse
Dr. William Sturges Thomas
William Steven Thomas
Catharine Gibson Lansing Burnett Mercur Bell Van Deusen
Major Bradley Van Deusen

Commander Samuel Livingston Breese
Major Henry's greatgrandson by Catharine Livingston
Commander Samuel Livingston Breese
(26 Dec 1831)
(18 Jul 1899)
+ Elizabeth31 Oct 1869

Barent Bleecker Lansing

Descendants of Gilbert Livingston
He served a career in the U.S. Navy from his appointment as Midshipman May 14, 1846 until his retirement with the rank of Captain Mar 30, 1888.
Commodore Robert Gracey Denig, U. S. N.
Major Henry's grandson by Dr. Charles Patterson Livingston
Commodore Robert Gracey Denig, U. S. N.
(22 May 1851, Columbus OH)
(9 Apr 1924, Sandusky OH)
+ Jeannie (Paterson) Livingston Hubbard11 Apr 1878
(1 Aug 1856, Sandusky OH)
(30 Dec 1945, Sandusky OH)

Brig. Gen. Robert Livingston Denig, Sr.

Gilbert Livingston Descendants
The former was graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1873 and held the rank of Commodore at his death. He established a chair of applied mathematics at Hamilton College in Clinton NY where he taught this subject for two years, on leave from the Navy. On Nov 24, 1877, he was one of only four officers rescued from the wreck of the U.S.S. Huron off the North Carolina coast. Mr. and Mrs. Denig had 3 children.


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