Henry Livingston, Jr. Henry Livingston, Jr.

Generation No. 6
3rd Great grandparents

32. Rev. William Livingston, M.A. and 33. Agnes Livingston
34. Bartholomew Fleming and 35. Marion Hamilton
36. Pieter Tjercks and 37. Geertruyt Van Schuylder
38. Brant van Slichtenhorst and 39. Aeltje Van Wenckum
40. Henry Beekman and 41. Mary Baudertius
42. Captain de Boogh and 43. Unknown Slagboom
46. Corneille "Cornelis" Melyn and 47. Jannitken Adryiaens
48. Ananias Conklin and 49. Mary Launder
54. Theophilus Ellsworth
56. Dirck Storm and 57. Alida Van Cortenbosch
58. Peter van Montfoort
60. Jean Sy
60. Pierre Sy

Rev. William Livingston, M.A. and Agnes Livingston

32. Rev. William Livingston, M.A., born 1576 in Kilsyth Scotland or Monyabroch; died 1641 in Lanark Scotland. He was the son of 64. Rev. Alexander Livingston, M.A. and 65. Barbara Livingston.

He married 33. Agnes Livingston 6 Jan 1600/01 in Falkirk Parish Church, Stirlingshire Scotland.

33. Agnes Livingston, born abt 1600; died 7 Jan 1631/32. She was the daughter of 66. Alexander Livingston and 67. Marion Bryson.

Children of Rev. Livingston and Agnes Livingston are:

16 i. Reverend John Livingston, born 21 June 1603 in Moneyabrook, Sterlingshire Scotland; died Aug 1672 in Rotterdam Holland;

married Janet Fleming 23 Jun 1635 in West Kirk, Edinburgh Scotland.

ii. Samuel Livingston, died Aft. 1637.

iii. Barbara Livingston

iv. Lillias Livingston

v. Anna Livingston,

married Reverend Thomas Vassie 5 May 1627; born in of Torphichen.

vi. Margaret Livingston, died Nov 1632;

married Matthew Young 4 Jan 1631/32; schoolmaster in Lanark Scotland.

vii. William Livingston, born in Stirlingshire Scotland; died 12 Apr 1670 of Burren Ireland;

married Mary Lindsay Abt. 1640 in Lanark Scotland; born Abt. 1600; of Burren Ireland.

Bartholomew Fleming and Marion Hamilton

34. Bartholomew Fleming, born Abt. 1585 of Edinburgh Scotland; died 1624 in London England.

He married 35. Marion Hamilton.

35. Marion Hamilton, born Abt. 1590 in Edinburgh, Midlothian Scotland; died Abt. 1637 in Malone, Ireland. She was the daughter of 70. Patrick Hamilton.

Bartholomew Fleming, a merchant in Edinburgh, was of a well-known Scottish family, the head of which was the Earl of Wigton, who with his son Lord Fleming was present at the wedding of his kinsman's daughter Janet.

Children of Bartholomew Fleming and Marion Hamilton are:

17 i. Janet Fleming, born 16 Nov 1613; died 13 Feb 1693/94 in Rotterdam;

married Reverend John Livingston 23 Jun 1635 in West Kirk, Edinburgh Scotland.

ii. Marion Fleming, born 15 Feb 1615/16 in Edinburgh Scotland;

married Reverend John McLelland 13 Nov 1638.

iii. Thomas Fleming, born 16 Feb 1614/15 in Edinburgh Scotland.

iv. John Fleming

v. Reverend James Fleming; died 9 Aug 1653.

Pieter Tjercks and Geertruyt Van Schuylder

36. Pieter Tjercks, born Abt. 1601 in Emden, Lower Saxony, Germany; died in Netherlands. He was the son of 72. Tjercks Jansz and 73. Styntie Doudes.

He married 37. Geertruyt Philips Van Schuylder 24 Oct 1627 in Amsterdam Netherlands.

37. Geertruyt Philips Van Schuylder, born Abt. 1603 in Netherlands. She was the daughter of 74. Philip Van Schuylder.

Children of Pieter Tjercks and Geertruyt Van Schuylder are:

18 i. Colonel Philip Pieterse Schuyler, born 1627 in Amsterdam Netherlands; died 9 May 1683 in Beverwyck NY;

married Margaretta van Slichtenhorst 12 Dec 1650 in Beverwyck or Rennsaelaerwyck NY.

ii. Maritje Pieterse Schuyler, born 15 Oct 1630 in Amsterdam Netherlands.

iii. Pieter Pieterse Schuyler, born 10 Jan 1633/34 in Amsterdam Netherlands.

iv. David Pietersz Schuyler, born 12 Feb 1635/36 in Amsterdam Netherlands; died 9 Feb 1689/90 in Albany NY;

married Catalina VerPlanck 13 Oct 1657 in New Amsterdam DRC; born Feb 1638/39 in New Amsterdam; died 8 Oct 1708 in NYC.

Brant van Slichtenhorst and Aeltje Van Wenckum

38. Brant Arantse van Slichtenhorst, born Abt. 1608 in Nijerk, Gelderland, Netherlands; died Abt. 1668 in Nijerk, Gelderland, Netherlands. He married 39. Aeltje Van Wenckum 4 Jan 1613/14 in Nijerk Netherlands.

39. Aeltje Van Wenckum, died Bef. 1 January 1646/47. She was the daughter of 78. Gisebrecht Morren Van Wenckum.

Children of Brant van Slichtenhorst and Aeltje Van Wenckum are:

i. Gerrit van Slichtenhorst, bap: 17 Jan 1626/27 in Nijerk Netherlands; died 6 Jan 1683/84 in Kingston NY;

married Aeltien Lansing; bap: 23 Oct 1637 in Hasselt Holland.

19 ii. Margaretta van Slichtenhorst, born 1634 in Nykerk Netherlands; died 27 Jun 1711;

married Colonel Philip Pieterse Schuyler 12 Dec 1650 in Beverwyck or Rennsaelaerwyck.

iii. Hillegonda van Slichtenhorst, born in Nyjerk; died in Netherlands;

married Pieter van der Schuer Aft. 10 Nov 1646 in Nyjerck Netherlands.

iv. Arend van Slichtenhorst, born in Nyjerk Netherlands.

Henry Beekman and Mary Baudertius

40. Henry Beekman, born 14 Sep 1585 in Cologne Germany; died 2 Dec 1642 in Wezel Germany. He was the son of 80. Rev. Gerard Beekman and 81. Agnes Stunning.

He married 41. Mary Baudertius 24 Jan 1620/21 in Zutphen, Guelderland.

41. Mary Baudertius, born 1600 in Zutphen, Guelderland or France; died 17 Sep 1630 in Berge. She was the daughter of 82. Rev. William Baudertius.

Henry was Secretary of the city of Hasselden, Overyssel, and in 1629 he was appointed by the States-General, Superintendent of the Magazines in the cities of Hasselt and Wezel.

Children of Henry Beekman and Mary Baudertius are:

i. Rev. Gerard Beekman, born 20 Feb 1621/22; died 1678 of Grofhuyssen and Avenhoorn North Holland;

married Joanna Plautius

20 ii. Mayor Wilhelmus Hendrickse Beekman, born 28 Apr 1623 in Statselt Holland; died 21 Sep 1717 in Schenectady NY;

married Catalina de Boogh 5 Sep 1649.

iii. Martin Beekman, born 25 Aug 1624 in Hasselt Overyssel;

married Maria de Bois

iv. John Beekman, born 26 Nov 1625 in Hasselt Overyssel; died 15 Jan 1683/84;

married (1) Alida Brouwer;
married (2) Catharine Van Rysoort

v. Andrew Beekman, died 1663 unmarried.

vi. Alida Beekman, married Leonard Winnix

vii. Maria Beekman,

married (1) W. Harris;
married (2) N.N. Sas

Captain de Boogh and Unknown Slagboom

42. Captain Hendrick de Boogh, born Bef. 1620 in Amsterdam; of Albany.

He married 43. Unknown Slagboom.

43. Unknown Slagboom

Hendricks De Boogh was captain of a Hudson River trading-vessel.

Children of Captain de Boogh and Unknown Slagboom are:

21 i. Catalina de Boogh, born prob in Holland; died 1700;

married Mayor Wilhelmus Hendrickse Beekman 5 Sep 1649.

ii. Frederick Hendrikse de Boogh, died Feb 1686/87;

married Elizabeth Salamon

Corneille Melyn and Jannitken Adryiaens

46. Corneille "Cornelis" Melyn, bap: 17 Sep 1600 in Antwerp; died Bet. 1663 - 1668. He was the son of 92. Andre Melyn and 93. Marie Botens.

He married 47. Jannitken Adryiaens 22 Apr 1627 in Amsterdam Holland.

47. Jannitken Adryiaens, born Abt. 1604 in Myerdt, N. Brabant, Netherlands; died Abt. 1674 in New Haven CT.

Children of Corneille Melyn and Jannitken Adryiaens are:

23 i. Cornelia Melyn, bap: 27 Feb 1628 in Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam; died 1716-1717 in East Hampton LI NY;

married (1) Captain Jacob Lugt de Loper 1647 in NYC;
married (2) Jacob Schellinger 7 Apr 1653 in NYC.

ii. Joannes Melyn, bap: 17 Apr 1629 in Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam.

iii. Cornelis Melyn, bap: 11 Oct 1633; died Sep 1655 in Staten Island massacre.

iv. Abraham Melyn, bap: 1635; may have been son lost in wreck of "Princess" Sept 1647.

v. Mariken Melyn, bap: 29 Mar 1637 in Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam; died Abt. 1694;

married (1) Claes Allertsen Paradius;
married (2) Matthias Hatfield 25 Aug 1664 in New Haven CT.

vi. Isaack Melyn, bap: 21 Nov 1638 in Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam; died Bef. 22 Jul 1646.

vii. Susanna Melyn, bap: 14 Jun 1643 in NY Dutch Reformed Church; died in 1687-93;

married John (or Jan) Winans 25 Aug 1664.

viii. Magdalen Melyn, bap: 03 Mar 1645.

ix. Isaac Melyn, bap: 22 Jul 1646; died 18 May 1693;

married (1) Dorothea Samson;
married (2) Temperance Loveridge 5 Oct 1679.

Ananias Conklin and Mary Launder

48. Ananias Conklin He married 49. Mary Launder.

49. Mary Launder

Child of Ananias Conklin and Mary Launder is:

24 i. John Concklin, married Helena Abt. 1630.

Theophilus Ellsworth

54. Theophilus

Child of Theophilus Ellsworth is:

27 i. Eysbeth Ellsworth, married Matthys Janszen Boeckhout

Dirck Storm and Alida Van Cortenbosch

56. Dirck Storm, born 1599 in Delft Netherlands; died 6 Apr 1663 in Leiden Netherlands. He was the son of 112. Ewald (Ewout) Storm and 113. Eva Van Swaenswyck.

He married 57. Alida Van Cortenbosch 7 Aug1625 in Leiden Netherlands

57. Alida Van Cortenbosch, born 1604 of Leiden Netherlands. She was the daughter of 114. Arnold Van Cortenbosch and 115. Unknown.

Children of Dirck Storm and Alida Van Cortenbosch are:

i. Laurens Storm, born 1626 in Leiden Netherlands; died 21 Sep 1672.

ii. Eva Storm, born 1628 in Leiden Netherlands.

28 iii. Dirck Gorisz Storm, born Abt. 1630 in Utrecht Netherlands; died 6 Jun 1716 in Tarrytown NY;

married Maria Pieterse van Montfoort 7 Aug 1652 in Leiden Netherlands.

iv. Arnold Storm, born Abt. 1633 in Leiden Netherlands;

married Johanna Van Wassenberger 10 Oct 1659; born Bef. 1637 in Wassenbergh .

v. Jan Storm, born 1635 in Leiden Netherlands; died 1716.

Peter van Montfoort

58. Peter van Montfoort

Child of Peter van Montfoort is:

29 i. Maria Pieterse van Montfoort, born Abt. 1638 in New Amsterdam, NYC; married Dirck Gorisz Storm 7 Aug 1652 in Leiden Netherlands.

Jean Sy

60. Jean Sy, born Abt. 1600 in Nielles, Calaisis, France; died Bef. 1657 in Friesenham (now Ludwigsham), Germany. He was the son of 120. Nicholas Sy.

Children of Jean Sy are:

30 i. Isaac Sy, born Abt. 1634 in Calais, France; died Bef. 1698;

married Esther Sy 11 Dec 1657 in Mannheim.

ii. Abraham Sy, born Abt. 1636.

iii. Jean Sy Jr., born Abt. 1638.

iv. Marie Sy, born Abt. 1640.

Pierre Sy

62. Pierre Sy

Child of Pierre Sy is:

31 i. Esther Sy, died Bef. 1698;

married Isaac Sy 11 Dec 1657 in Mannheim; born Abt. 1634 in Calais, France; died Bef. 1698.


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