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Robert Henry Livingston

Henry's Bible
Descendants by Kinkead

Lt. Robert Henry Livingston
(25 Oct 1760, Poughkeepsie NY)
(21 May 1804, Poughkeepsie NY)
(son of Henry Livingston, Sr. and Susannah Conklin)
+ Caty Tappan (29 Feb 1792, Poughkeepsie NY)
(1 Dec 1772, Poughkeepsie NY)
(1 May 1841, Philadelphia PA)
(daughter of Dr. Peter Tappen and Elizabeth Crannell)

    Elizabeth Livingston[married Reverend George Boyd]
    Susannah Livingston[died aged 37, unmarried]
    George Henry Livingston

NY Mag or Lit Repos, March 1792
At Poughkeepsie, Robert H. Livingston, Esq: to Miss Caty Tappen

Henry's Bible
My dear brother Robert H Livingston died at his house in the village of Poughkeepsie on Friday the 31st of August 1804, aged 43 years 10 mos & 6 days. He was born Oct 25th, 1760. He had been ill between 7 & 8 mos; supposed an affliction of the liver.

Jane Livingston to Edwin Livingston mentions RobertSep 14 '23

Gilbert Livingston Descendants - Kinkead
Catharine Tappan was a daughter of Peter & Elizabeth (Crannell) Tappan. Her mother was a sister of Catherine Crannell who married her husband's oldest brother, Gilbert Livingston. The announcement of the marriage appeared as follows in the New York Weekly Museum of Saturday March 10, 1792: "Robert H. Livingston, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, and Caty Tappan, eldest daughter of the Hon. Judge Tappan, were married on Wednesday." Mr. Livingston succeeded his father, Henry Livingston, as Clerk of Dutchess County in 1789, and held the office until his death in 1804. His obituary in the Pokeepsie Journal of Tuesday, Sep 4th of that year says: "On Friday last, at his house in this village, in his 44th year, Robert Henry Livingston, Esq., Clerk of Duchess County. The mild manners and sweet disposition of this gentleman endeared him to all and render his loss the subject of universal regret. Early in life, he became a soldier of his country and he was not 17 when he was embodied with the force which filled this village when the British fleet and army spread desolation along the shores of his native river. The two following campaigns he was an officer in the service of the State on the northwest frontier and in 1780, received a commission attaching him to the corps of artillery in the army of the United States. With that army he assisted at the siege of Yorktown, and only sheathed his sword when every sword on the continent was returned to the scabbard." During the Revolutionary War he was a Lieut. of Levies under Col. Lewis Dubois July 1, 1780 to reinforce the army of the U.S. and also under Col. Albert Pawling Apr 27, 1781, for immediate defe nse of the State. On June 29, 1781, he was commissioned a 2nd Lieut. in the Second Continental Artillery and served to June 1783 (Liv. of Liv. Man. pp.231, 522 & 532).

His will, dated June 26, 1804 and proved Oct. 12, 1804, provided for his wife and three children and distribution of his estate was made after $300 had been set aside for the education of his only son. As a widow Catharine Livingston was received into the Dutch Church in Poughkeepsie Feb. 9, 1811, on Confession of Faith. Sometime after the marriage of her daughter, Elizabeth, she went to live with the latter in Philadelphia where she died May 1, 1841.


Of George Henry Livingston, nothing is known except a vague tradition that he went to one of the Carolinas and married. The following item may apply to one of his descendants. Malvena Emma Livingston was born in St. Louis, Mo., a daughter of George Henry & Elizabeth Emma (Jarret) Livingston. On June 20, 1883, she mar. in San Francisco, Calif., Harold Sturges, 2nd, b. Feb. 24, 1858, in Duncans Falls, Ohio, a son of Shelton & Frances Rowena (Nye) Sturges. They had two children b. in Santa Barbara, Calif.: Livingston Monroe Sturges b. Apr. 10, 1885, and Rowena Spencer Sturges b. Sept. 22, 1887 (Desc. of Solomon Sturges, 1907, p.73).

Robert Henry Livingston

When from the dust of death I rise
To take my mansion in the Skies,
E'en there shall this be all my plea,
Jesus hath liv'd & dy'd for me.


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