Henry Livingston, Jr.


John Reade

Dutchess County Doorways

John Reade
(b:John Reade)
+ Catharine Livingston
(11 Mar 1756)

    Robert Livingston Reade
    Catharine Livingston Reade[married Nicholas William Stuyvesant]
    Helena Livingston Reade
    Anne Livingston Reade
    Joseph Livingston Reade
    Helen Sarah Reade
    Helen Maria Reade[married James Hooker]

Dutchess County Doorways, p.197
James Livingston... came from Kingston to Poughkeepsie soon after he reached his majority. At Poughkeepsie he married Judith Newcomb; lived in a house that stood on a knoll that may still be seen in Eastman Park; served as sherriff of Dutchess 1761-1768; and died, leaving beside his widow, three children... John Reade (whose wife was a niece of James Livingston, had come to Poughkeepsie from what is now the town of Red Hook, where he and a certain Jacob Bogardus had been in partnership in business, having a sloop-landing and a storehouse a little south of the present village of Tivolli. At Poughkeepsie John Reade continued in river-commerce and, on the site of the former Continental shipyard, established what he called the Columbian Landing. His residence he fixed on the knoll that is now part of Eastman Park, where James Livingston had lived before him.

In the years following the war, part of the Hoffman estate was sold off. From 1781 to 1785, Joseph Ketcham owned the land that borded the upper half of North Bay including the point. (This property is presently the site of Callendar House.) At the point, Ketcham built a new dock and re-located a red store that had previously stood on the hilly bank above. In 1785, the property was sold to a New York merchant, Jacob Bogardus. Bogardus and a partner, John Reade, ran the storehouse and a ferry landing for several years.


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