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IN preparing this volume of SELECT BIOGRAPHIES for the Members of the WODROW SOCIETY, the principle of selection adopted was that of singling out individuals who acted a prominent part in their eventful times, but whose histories were not so generally known as it appeared they ought to be. Acting on this principle, chronological order has in general been followed, and the Life of John Welsh readily occurred as the most appropriate for commencing the Series. The present Memoir is a reprint of the Life first published at Edinburgh, by George Mosman, in 1703; and universally ascribed to the Rev. James Kirkton, himself a sufferer in those troublous times, and related by marriage to Welsh. But it must be confessed that the Life is neither so full of incident, nor so satisfactory in its details, as the character of him who forms its subject demands. Indeed, it may be regarded rather as sketching some passages of Welsh's history, than as presenting a full delineation of his character, and the Life of John Welsh has yet to be written.


Rev. John Livingston,
great-great grandfather of Henry Livingston

Life of John Livingston

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