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the Lord was pleased by his word to work such change. I doe not think1 there were more lively and experienced Christians any where than were these at that time in Ireland, and that in good numbers, and many2 of them persons of an good outward condition in the world. Being but lately brought in, the lively edge was not yet gone off them, and the perpetuall fear that the bishops would put away their ministers, made them with great hunger wait on the ordinances. I have known them that have come severall myles from their own houses to communions, to the Saturnday sermon, and spent the whole Saturnday night in severall companies, sometimes an minister being with them, sometimes themselves alone in conferrence and prayer, and waited on the publick ordinances the whole Sabbath, and spent the Sabbath night likewise, and yet at the Munday sermon3 not troubled with sleepiness, and so have not sleeped till they went home. Because of their holy and righteous carriage they were generally reverenced even by the graceles multitude4 they lived among. Some of them had attained5 such a dexterity of expressing religious purposes by the resemblance of worldly things, that being at feasts in common inns,6 where were ignorant profane persons, they would, among themselves, intertain spirituall discourse for ane long time; and the other professed, that although they spake good English, they could not understand what they said. In these dayes it was no great difficultie for ane minister to preach or pray in publick or private, such was the hunger of the hearers; and it was hard to judge whether there was more of the Lord's presence in the publick or private meetings.

In August 24, 1631, the Lord was pleased to deliver me from ane great danger of fire. I lay in ane high chamber of7 ane John Stewart's house, in Ballemeroon; the room was strawed with an great deall of dry8 sea-bent. I used never, after I was9 asleep, to awaken till the morning; yet that night, about one a cloack, all


1    "That."

2    "Severalls."

3    "Was."

4    "That."

5    "Acquired."

6    "Being at feasts or meals."

7    "A high room in."

8    "Dryed."

9    "Fell."

PAGE 145

the house being fast asleep, I awakened peaceably, and thought it had been day, and for ane little space keeped my eyes shut, and neither heard any noise, nor felt any smell. Within ane while, I opened myne eyes, and saw the bent burning within two ells of the bed where I lay: for ane great fire in the room below, the night before, making ready the meat of the reapers, had fired the mantletree of the chimney, the end whereof came to1 the room where I lay. The fire was between me and the door of the chamber. I rose, and took with me my breeches, my Bible, and my watch, giving my books and any thing else I had for gone, and got out of the door, and called up those of the house. It pleased the Lord in ane short space2 they got the fire quenched; whereas, in all appearance, if I had sleeped ane quarter of ane hour longer, the fire had seised on the roof of the house, covered only with straw, and so not only house and goods, but our lives had been consumed.

I got not above ane year's quiet ministrie in Killinshie; for in harvest 1631, Mr Robert Ecclin, Bishop of Doun, suspended Mr3 Blair and me for unconformity. But the occasion was, that the summer before we had both been in Scotland, and had preached at severall parts, but especially at an communion at the Shotts, which procured that the Bishops of Scotland, especially James Law of Glasgow, sent informations against us by one Mr Henrie Leslie, then Dean of Doun, afterward Bishop of Doun. He and Sir Richard Boltoun, Lord Chief Barron of Ireland, who used to come to the assise circuits in the North, stirred up the Bishop against us; but we were shortly after restored; for we, with Mr Dumbar, Mr Welsh, Mr Hamilton, and Mr Colwert, went to Tradath, to Dr4 Usher, called Primat of Armangh, not only ane learned, but ane godly man, although ane bishop. Thither came also Sir Andrew Stewart, afterward made Lord Castle-Stewart, to deal for us. The Primat very cheerfully dealt for us with the bishop, so as we were at that time restored. But the


1    "Came out in."

2    "Time."

3    "Robert."

4    "James."


Rev. John Livingston,
great-great grandfather of Henry Livingston

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