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spoke to him, but doe not perfectly remember what I said. It was to this purpose, that there was no warrand for kneeling, and for want of it we ought not to be excommunicated from the table of the Lord. He caused some of the people about us to rise, that we might remove, which we did.

The next day the principall, Mr Robert Boyd, called me to him, and said, Within two or three weeks he would celebrat the communion at Govan, for he was also minister at Govan, and desired me that any whom I knew to be well-affected of the young men in the colledge I would bring them with me to him. Although he was an man of an soure like disposition and carriage, I alwayes found him soe kind and familiar as made me wonder. Sometimes he would call me and some other three or four,1 and lay down books before us, and have us sing setts of musick, wherein he took great delight.

The first Christian acquaintance and society whereby I got any benefite was wath an religious gentleman, William Cuninghame, tutor of Bonintoune, who used to be oft in my father's house. Severall tymes he and John Wier of Stockbrigs, and Alexander Tennant, James Wier, George Matthie,2 and David Matthie, who were packmen, would meet in my chamber in Lanerk, where we used to spend some time in conferrence and prayer.

Period II.

The second period of my life I reckon from the first time I preached in publick till the time I was settled in the ministrie in Killinshie in Ireland, for having begun to preach in Jan. 1625. I continued in my father's house in Lanerk, and for the space of ane year and an halfe, and some more, I studied there, and preached sometimes there, and sometimes in some neighbouring churches,3 and dureing that time I wrote all the preachings before I preached


1    "Some three or four others."

2    "Matthew."

3    "Kirks."

PAGE 135

them word by word, till one day being to preach after the communion of Quodquan, and having in readiness only one preaching, which I had preached about ane week before in ane other church,1 and perceiving sundry to be at Quodquan who had been at the other church, I resolved to choose ane new text, and having but little time, I wrote only some notes of the heads I was to deliver. Yet I found at that time more assistance in the enlargeing of these points, and more motion in my own heart, then ever I had found before, and after that I never wrote aU at length, but only notes.

About April 1626, I was sent for by my Lord Kenmuir to come to Galloway, in reference to ane call to Alnwith, which at that tyme was not an parish by itself, but joyned to ane other, neither had an church builded. They offered before August next to have it disjoyned, and ane church builded, and an stipend settled, and desyred I would stay there in the meantyme. I was not willing to stay2 at that time, there being no appearance I could preach in the meantyme. Therefore, they desyred that if they got these things performed before August, that upon an call I would3 return, whereto4 I condescended. But some difficulties coming in their way, they got not these things so soon done; and therefore, in harvest next, 1 hearkened to an call to Tarphichen, but thereafter the Lord provided a great deall better for them, for they got that worthy servant of Christ, Mr Samuel Rutherfoord, whose praise is in all the reformed churches. And I observed afterwards that severall parishes, whereto I had ane motion of an call, and was hindered either by obstructions from the bishops, or thereafter refused to be transported by the Generall Assembly, that these parishes were far better provided; for Leith got Mr David Forrester; again, Kirkaldie got Mr Robert Douglas, Glasgow got precious Mr James Durham, Antrum, in Ireland, got Mr Archibald Fergusone, Newtoune there got Mr John Greg, and Killinshie there got Mr Michael Bruce. But at that short time5 in Galloway, I got acquaintance with the6 Lord Kenmure


1    "Kirk."

2    "There."

3    "Should."

4    "Whereunto."

5    "I was."

6    "My."


Rev. John Livingston,
great-great grandfather of Henry Livingston

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