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The following productions of Livingstone are laid before the Members of the WODROW SOCIETY, either because they are referred to by himself in his Life, and are needed to complete it, or because they tend to throw light on his history and times. Some of them are already well known, but others, we believe, are now printed for the first time. The title-page of the "Discourse" will explain why it appears, in some places, so imperfect.

In some cases, the MSS. were with difficulty decyphered; and in others, the discrepancies discovered on collation were very considerable. The chief of these are given in Notes. The various readings from Mr M'CRIE's MS. are marked, as in the Life, with quotation commas. Those from another MS. consulted are printed without commas; while a few have been admitted into the text, distinguished for the most part by the brackets which enclose them.

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&c., &c.

IT may be thought it is not very fitting to detain you longer, and, for my part, I have little to say but wbat hath been said; yet because some apprehend that there is some probability that possibly this may be the last to us in this place, therefore we would speak somewhat in reference to it.

We would not know well how to take our leave of you, we would be sorry to doe it, if we knew how to doe otherwayes. It may be it is not so near; for it is only in his hand. But some of our brethren have gotten such peremptory discharges,2 that they scarce have had leave to salute their people, if it could be gotten done aright. There are some who have bussiness in the world that have their testaments made before-hand. It may be we may meet again, and it may be not. What shall we say to you? We have been labouring (I speak for my own particular,3 who am but


1    Wodrow MSS. vol. xviii. 4to, No. 11, collated with Mr M'Crie's MS. and another in vol. xxvii. 4to, No. 17. See the Life, p. 189

2    Have already gotten peremptory warning.

3    Part.


Rev. John Livingston,
great-great grandfather of Henry Livingston

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