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There were in 1798, nine missionaries employed on the Madras coast: Three in Tranquebar, who depend on the Missionary College at Copenhagen; three at Tanjore; one in Trichinopoly; two at Vepery, near Madras, who depend on the Society in London for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

The following list of Missionary Societies lately erected, will evince a general movement in the Churches for the conversion of the heathen.

In Europe.

The particular Baptist Missionary Society, instituted in 1792.

London Missionary Society, instituted in 1795.

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Paisley, Dundee, Perth, and Kelso Missionary Societies, instituted in 1796. The most of these are branches of the London Society.

The Netherland Missionary Society, instituted in 1797.

Missionary Society at Basil, in Switzerland; in Berlin, and different parts of Germany; in Sweden and Denmark, of which particulars are not known.

A Missionary Society in England, instituted about four years ago, for sending Missionaries to the Soosoo country in Africa, and to the Tartars and other nations in the East. This Society has undertaken to publish a version of the scripture in Arabic, and has had good success in Missionary labors.

In Africa.

The South African Missionary Society, at the Cape of Good Hope.

In America.

The Missionary Society of Newyork, instituted 1796.

The Northern Missionary Society in the state of Newyork, 1798.

The Missionary Society of Connecticut, 1798.

The Missionary Society of Massachusetts, 1799.

The Missionary Society of Hampshire, in Massachusetts, 1800.

The Missionary Society of Newjersey, 1801.

Baptist Missionary Society of Massachusetts, 1802.

Western Missionary Society, composed of the Presbyterian Synod of Pittsburg, formed 1802.

The General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church have, since the year 1789, made annual collections in their Churches, and constituted the classis of Albany a standing Committee for missions. They have sent several missionaries upon the frontiers, and some into upper Canada. In 1800 they had six.

The Episcopal Church, in General Convention, 1792, resolved to collect a fund for missionary purposes, and have made some efforts to send the Gospel among the frontier settlements. In a subsequent General Convention the business was left to the Convention of each State, in consequence of which, the Episcopal


Church in the State of Newyork have established a Missionary Society, supported by annual collections, and there are now employed three missionaries.

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church began, in 1789, to form missionary plans. The Assembly itself managed the business of missions until 1802, when they chose a Standing Committee of Missions. For a number of years there have been from six to ten missionaries employed under the direction of the Assembly. There are, at this time, under the care of the Assembly and the Synods of Virginia, Pittsburgh, and the Carolinas, about twenty missionaries. Three among the Indians; one black man among the negroes in the Southern States; and the remaining sixteen in the frontier settlements.

From the annual reports of the respective Societies in America, it appears that the frontier citizens, lately emigrated, and destitute of the the ordinances of grace, have hitherto been the principal objects of attention. The reports of the Newyork Society show a door of usefulness opened among some of the Indian tribes, and considerable success in their missions, particular in the Tuscarora and Seneca nations.

The London Society stands foremost of any in the world for the magnitude of their plans and the vigorous measures they have pursued. At their first meeting, September, 1795, when about two hundred ministers of different denominations were assembled, it was resolved "to send missionaries to Otaheite, or some other of the South Sea Islands; and that as soon as possible missions should be attempted to the Coast of Africa, or to Bengal, or to the Pelew Islands, as providence might direct." Contributions flowed in from all parts of the country, and in 1795 the funds of the Society amounted to eleven thousand and eighty eight pounds. Before the meeting in April of that year, nineteen missionaries were engaged by the directors; others were afterwards admitted, and in August, twenty nine missionaries, destined to the Islands in the South Sea, embarked on board the Duff, a ship purchased by the Directors at four thousand eight hundred and seventy five pounds. The whole expense of the undertaking amounted to twelve thousand pounds sterling. In May, 1797, six missionaries embarked for the Foulah country, in Africa, in a vessel in the service of the Sierra Leone company. Of the missionaries sent to the South Sea Islands, nineteen were left at Otaheite, nine at Tongatoboo, and one at Marquesas. A second company were sent out in Dec. 1798. These were taken by a French privateer, and none of them reached the place of their destination. In the beginning of the year 1798, eleven of the missionaries left


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