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Mighty is girding his sword upon his thigh; the arm of the Lord will awake as in the ancient days, in the generations of old; and the people shall fall under him. His name shall endure forever. Are you affected with the deplorable condition of the greatest part of the world, which lieth in ignorance and wickedness? Behold the everlasting Gospel is going forth to every tongue, and kindred, and nation, and shall universally prevail. Yet a little while, and the people that walk in darkness will see a great light, and upon them that dwell in the land of the shadow of death will the light shine. All the precepts which are our warrant to engage in this work; all the promises which are our encouragement to persevere with firmness, receive new weight and influence. While we are musing upon the prediction before us, our hearts are hot within us; the fire burns; zeal kindles to a flame; we glow with ardor to perform our part, and assist the flight of the preaching angel. We live to see the dawn; we long to see the day. We witness at least the beginnings of what many prophets and righteous men have desired to see, and have not seen them. For those of us who are advanced in years, let this suffice. We now can depart in peace. We shall hear of the accomplishment and join with those who rejoice in heaven, over sinners who are converted. But you, my younger Brethren indulge the pleasant view, and enter with vigor into the labors before you. Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest. Go on and prosper in your work. Derive wisdom, strength and grace from your exalted Jesus. "Be of good courage, and behave valiantly. Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit ye like men, be strong. The Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your reward."

5. Let MISSIONARY SOCIETIES ascend the prophetic mount, and enjoy the vast prospect laid open to their view. Let them appreciate as they ought, the eminent station assigned them by their Savior, and obtain grace to be found faithful. They are employed by him in


the midst of the Churches, to accomplish his blessed purposes, and fulfil his word. By their agency the preaching angel commences his flight, and through their instrumentality the treasure of the Gospel will be brought to all the nations of the earth. By such associations and efforts it might be expected the scene would open. Not by might nor by power, not from carnal policy, or by the combination and support of civil rulers, but by the spirit of the Lord, exciting his ministers and people, from the purest principles, to execute the mystery of his will. The hearts of all men are in his hand. He can gird and council those whom he honors with his service, to perform any thing he pleaseth. Missionary Societies are, therefore, to be considered as ministering servants employed in a work well pleasing to God; and deserving, while they faithfully persevere, the esteem and affection of all good men.

Be not discouraged my Brethren, when you enquire, whom shall we send, and who will go for us? The Lord can provide instruments for his own work. - "Pray, ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborors into his harvest." He will hear your prayers, and raise up missionaries. But with your prayers unite the means for obtaining suitable characters. Reflect seriously whether it would not be adviseable to institute a THEOLOGICAL SCHOOL, for the express purpose of instructing and preparing pious young men for this arduous service *   - whether such an institution would not probably stimulate some to offer themselves; and certainly produce the highest


*   Similar institutions were formed even by the Roman pontiffs; and afterwards in Holland, the Reformed Church paid attention to this object. Some professors of theology were eminently useful in preparing missionaries for foreign parts, especially for the Indies. In Rotterdam there is now something of this kind, to which many of those who are sent out by the Netherland Missionary Society now repair, for one or two years, previous to their missions. Also at Gosport, in England, under the direction of the Rev. Mr. BOGUE.


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