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this is the last dispensation, which shall change the state of grace into that of glory.

It is declared to be a kingdom not of this world, [John xviii. 36.]   as - it is a spiritual kingdom and respects the heart, principles, as well as conduct - is not propagated by external violence, but by the power of the truth and an appeal to conscience - the benefits it confers are of a moral nature and have an immediate relation to a future state - it in no measure interferes with the governments and kingdoms of this world, in their policyh, laws, or administration - it possesses no early lustre, makes no shew of diadems and purple, and is directly opposed to the carnal expectation of the Jews, who looked for splendour, conquest, and universal dominion over all other nations. - It promises no temporal emoluments, no exemption from troubles, pains or losses - it assures its subjects that in this world they shall have tribulation, while it reserves for them a recompense of joy and everlasting rest, beyond the grave.

The administration of this kingdom commenced, when the Saviour was first promised. From the beginning he has had the charge both of the world and of the church. But, after his resurrection it was displayed in a more illustrious and singular manner. Having finished


the atonement and overcome, the man CHRIST JESUS, the exalted human nature united to the person of the Son of GOD, sat down with his Father upon his throne, [Rev. iii. 21.]   Agreeably to the prediction: I have set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. [Psal. ii. 6.]

The duration of his dominion is unlimited. "Of the increase of his government and peace, there shall be no end." [Isai. ix. 7.]   His name shall endure for ever. His name shall be continued as long as the sun, "he shall reign throughout all generations," [Psal. lxxii. 17.]   and the change in the administration at the close of the dispensation of grace, will not divest him of his essential honours.

The kingdoms of the earth, every empire and nation have a date fixed for their rise, continuance and dissolution. But this kingdom is founded upon a basis which defies the assaults, and foils the power and policy of all its enemies. Other governments have passed away, and all in their turn shall fall, but this will stand, and with increasing glory remain forever. - Where are the mighty monarchies of Assyria and Chaldea? Where the vestiges of the rapid victories of Alexander, or the splendid triumphs of Caesar, the conquests of Macedonia,


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