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is not competent to the discovery of any other, that will obviate the complicated miseries produced by sin, then the religion of nature cannot save; then it is not, and cannot be, the religion that will suffice for sinners.

Two obligations, each demanding the whole heart, arising from two distinct relations, would interfere and prove inconsistent, were they due to distinct Beings. No man can serve two masters. - But if both relations originate from the same source, and terminate in the same object; if he who is the CREATOR, be also the REDEEMER, no different interests, no clashing of authority, no inconsistency can arise from the additional obligation. The duties may sweetly blend, and one harmonious, rational and divine service be the blessed result.

All these defects are compensated, all these important ends obtained in revealed religion. This fully recognizes and cordially embraces, as of necessity it ought, the religion of nature. But it does much more. It meets the new character. It reveals a new relation. It opens a new access to GOD and happiness. And in this, its essential peculiarity consists.

Revealed religion considers men as sinners, and expressly treats with them as such. CHRIST came to call, not the righteous, but sinners to


repentance. The whole need not a physician, but the sick. This is the religion which professedly provides a remedy against sin. The only religion that informs sinners what they must do to be saved. That procures acceptance for their persons and services - affords comfort in affliction - assuages the pangs of an accusing conscience - promotes holiness in heart and life - and opens a prospect of eternal rest and glory. This therefore, with propriety, may be called THE RELIGION OF SINNERS.

Now, in this religion CHRIST is all and in all. With respect to the foundation upon which it is built - the benefits derived from it - and the duties to which it binds.

What is the language of the Prophets in regard to the FOUNDATION of that religion which can save sinners? Of what importance do they consider CHRIST the divine Redeemer? - Hear them - "the Stone which the Builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. - "A foundation, a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation." "I have redeemed thee - your REDEEMER." - "Behold the man whose name is the branch - he shall build the temple of the


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