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sake they were made, and through him they become valid and sure. What respects himself is the principal promise. The repetition, explanation and confirmation of this, engross the chief attention of the sacred writers, and run, as golden threads, through every leaf of the inspired volume.

The WORSHIP under the law was designed to direct believers to the MESSIAH. - The municipal institutes of a nation in which the Church and State were united, must of necessity be comprised in the same code with the ecclesiastical, and ultimately refer to the same object. For his sake the theocracy was formed. To secure the fulfilment of the promises respecting him, that people were separated and dwelt alone until Shiloh came. The moral law was especially magnified by his active and passive obedience, and proved to be holy, just and good. In the whole, he is intended. To him it is calculated to lead lost sinners. CHRIST is the end of the law. [Gal. iii. 24.]

The DEVOTIONAL passages of Scripture all look to Him by whom alone sinners find access to the Throne. It was faith in him as yet to come, which inspired the song of the Old Testament Saints, and tuned their harps to praise. It is faith in him who has come and washed us


from our sins in his own blood, that now raises the voice of rejoicing and salvation in the tabernacles of the righteous.

The DOCTRINES in Scripture, like so many bright lines within the same circle, unite in one glorious point. It is in the face of JESUS CHRIST that the light of the knowledge of the glory of GHOD shines most illustriously. Banish CHRIST from the doctrines, and a system luminous, connected and simple, becomes dark perplexed and broken.

There are detached facts, individual doctrines, moral precepts, which, in themselves, are excellent, and independently on CHRIST or his glorious gospel, cannot fail of claiming approbation and applause. - But it will be found, when viewed in their connection, that these facts are all combined with others which have an immediate respect to the Saviour - that these doctrines either appertain to the religion of nature and are adopted of course into the Christian system, or they form a part of other doctrines which directly relate to CHRIST. And that these moral precepts are calculated to convince of guilt and direct sinners to seek an interest in his atonement; or they prescribe a rule of life, by which his people are to express their gratitude for saving mercies. - They are all, it is confessed, excellent in themselves;


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