Psalms and Hymns Index


    1 THE man is ever blest
    2     First WHY did the heathen madly rage,
    2     Second         TH' eternal Son with Power array'd,
    2     Third "NOW," saith the spirit of the Lord,
    3     First O LORD, how many are my foes,
    3     Second MY God, the tempter would persuade,
    4     First O GOD of grace and righteousness,
    4     Second LORD, thou wilt hear me when I pray;
    5 LORD, in the morning thou shalt hear
    6 IN anger, Lord, rebuke me not,
    7 MY trust is in my heavenly friend,
    8     First O LORD, our heavenly King,
    8     Second LORD, what was man, when made at first,
    8     Third ALMIGHTY Ruler of the skies,
    9     First WITH my whole heart I'll raise my song,
    9     Second WHEN the great judge, supreme and just,
    10     First WHY doth the Lord stand off so far?
    11 MY refuge is the God of love:
    12     First ALMIGHTY God, appear and save,
    12     Second LORD, when iniquities abound,
    13 HOW long, O Lord, shall I complain,
    14     First FOOLS in their hearts believe and say,
    14     Second ARE sinners now so senseless grown,
    15 WHO shall ascend thy heav'nly place,
    16     First PRESERVE me, Lord, in time of need,
    16     Second HOW fast their guilt and sorrows rise,
    16     Third WHEN God is nigh, my faith is strong;
    16     Fourth SAVE me, O Lord, from ev'ry foe;
    17     First ARISE, my gracious God,
    17     Second LORD, I am thine; but thou wilt prove
    18     First THEE will I love, O Lord, my strength,
    18     Second LORD, thou has form'd my soul sincere,
    18     Third JUST are thy ways, and true thy word,
    18     Fourth WE love thee, Lord, and we adore;
    18     Fifth TO thine almighty arm we owe
    18     Sixth TO bless the Lord, our God, in strains divine,
    19     First BEHOLD! the lofty sky
    19     Second BEHOLD! the morning sun
    19     Third THE heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord,
    19     Fourth I LOVE the volume of thy word:
    20 NOW may the God of pow'r and grace
    21     First OUR rulers, Lord, with songs of praise
    21     Second IN thee, great God, with songs of praise,
    21     Third DAVID rejoic'd in God, his strength,
    22     First MY God, my God, why hast thou left
    22     Second WRITHING in pain, our Saviour pray'd
    22     Third NOW let our mournful songs record
    23     First JESUS, my Lord, doth condescend,
    23     Second JESUS, my Shepherd lives,
    24 THIS spacious earth is all the Lord's,
    25     First I LIFT my soul to God,
    25     Second WHERE shall the man be found,
    25     Third MINE eyes and my desire
    26 JUDGE me, O Lord, and prove my ways,
    27     First THE Lord of glory is my light,
    27     Second SOON as I heard my Father say,
    28 O GOD of grace, my cry attend!
    29 GIVE to the Lord, ye sons of fame,
    30 I WILL extol thee, Lord, on high,
    31     First INTO thy hand, O God of truth,
    31     Second MY heart rejoices in thy name,
    31     Third HOW many Ebenezers stand,
    32     First BLEST is the man, for ever blest,
    32     Second WHILE I keep silence and conceal
    33     First REJOICE, ye righteous, in the Lord;
    33     Second BLEST is the nation where the Lord
    34     First THRO' all the changing scenes of life,
    34     Second LORD, I will bless thee all my days;
    34     Third CHILDREN in years and knowledge young,
    34     Fourth THE Lord forever guards the just,
    35     First NOW plead my cause, Almighty God,
    35     Second BEHOLD the love, the gen'rous love
    36     First WHEN man grows bold in sin,
    36     Second O LORD, thy mercy, my sure hope,
    37     First WHY should I vex my soul and fret
    37     Second WHY do the wealthy wicked boast,
    37     Third MY God, the steps of pious men
    38 AMID thy wrath remember love,
    39     First THUS I resolv'd before the Lord:
    39     Second TEACH me the measure of my days,
    39     Third GOD of my life, look gently down,
    40     First I WAITED patient for the Lord;
    40     Second BEHOLD the blest Redeemer comes!
    40     Third THE wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought,
    41 BLEST is the man whose bowels move,
    42     First AS pants the hart for cooling streams,
    42     Second MY spirit sinks within me, Lord,
    43 MY God, defend my cause
    44 LORD, we have heard thy works of old,
    45     First NOW be my heart inspir'd to sing
    45     Second THE King of saints how fair his face,
    46     First GOD is our refuge in distress,
    46     Second LET Sion in her King rejoice,
    47 O FOR a shout of sacred joy,
    48     First GREAT is the Lord our God,
    48     Second FAR as thy name is known,
    49     First WHY doth the man of riches grow
    49     Second YE sons of pride that hate the just,
    50     First THE Lord, the Judge, before his throne
    50     Second THUS saith the Lord, "the spacious fields
    50     Third THE Lord, the Judge, his churches warns:
    50     Fourth THE God of glory sends his summons forth,
    51     First SHOW pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive,
    51     Second LORD, I am vile, conceiv'd in sin,
    51     Third O THOU, that hear'st when sinners cry;
    52     First WHY should the haughty tyrant boast,
    52     Second A WORD in season, spoke with pow'r,
    53     First "THERE is a God," all nature cries:
    53     Second ARE all the foes of Zion fools,
    54 MY God, preserve my soul;
    55     First O GOD, my refuge, hear my cries,
    55     Second LET sinners take their course
    56     First O THOU whose justice reigns on high,
    56     Second GOD counts the sorrows of his saints,
    57 MY God, in whom are all the springs
    58 JUDGES, who rule the world by laws,
    59 FROM foes that round us rise,
    60 FROM foes that round us rise,
    61     First WHEN overwhelm'd with grief,
    61     Second MY soul of thy protection sure,
    62 FROM foes that round us rise,
    63     First EARLY, my God, without delay,
    63     Second GREAT God, indulge my humble claim,
    63     Third MY God, permit my tongue
    64 GREAT God attend to my complaint,
    65     First PRAISE waits in Zion, Lord, for thee;
    65     Second 'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand,
    65     Third HOW pleasing is thy voice,
    66     First SING, all ye nations to the Lord,
    66     Second NOW shall my solemn vows be paid
    67 SHINE on our land, Jehovah, shine,
    68     First LET God arise in all his might,
    68     Second LORD, when thou did'st ascend on high,
    68     Third WE bless the Lord, the just, the good,
    69     First DEEP in our hearts let us record
    69     Second 'TWAS for my sake, eternal God,
    69     Third FATHER, I sing thy wond'rous grace,
    70 O THOU, whose hand the kingdom sways;
    71     First MY God, my everlasting hope,
    71     Second MY Saviour, my Almighty Friend,
    71     Third GOD of my childhood, and my youth,
    72     First GREAT God, whose universal sway
    72     Second JESUS shall reign where'er the sun
    72     Third JESUS shall reign where'er the sun
    73     First SURE there's a righteous God,
    73     Second GOD, my supporter, and my hope,
    74     First WILL God for ever cast us off?
    74     Second HOW long, eternal God, how long,
    75     First TO thee, most high and holy God,


    76 IN Judah, God of old was known;
    77     First TO God I cried with mournful voice
    77     Second         "HOW awful is thy chast'ning rod!"
    78     First         LET children hear the mighty deeds,
    78     Second         O WHAT a stiff, rebellious house
    78     Third         WHEN Israel sinn'd, the Lord reprov'd,
    79 BEHOLD! O God, what cruel foes,
    80     First         GREAT Shepherd of thine Israel,
    80     Second         LORD thou hast planted with thiy hands
    80     Third         LORD, when thy vine in Canaan grew,
    81 SING to the Lord aloud,
    82 AMONG th' assemblies of the great,
    83 AND will the God of grace
    84     First         HOW pleasant, how divinely fair,
    84     Second         GREAT God attend, while Zion sings
    84     Third         LORD of the worlds above,
    85     First         LORD, thou hast call'd thy grace to mind,
    85     Second         SALVATION is for ever nigh
    86     First         AMONG the princes, earthly gods,
    86     Second         JESUS, my God, my all in all,
    87 GOD in his earthly temple lays
    88     First         WHILE life prolongs its precious light,
    88     Second         STRETCH'D on the bed of grief,
    88     Third         SHALL man, O God of light and life,
    88     Fourth         LORD, in a day of pow'r divine
    89     First         FOR ever shall my song record
    89     Second         MY never ceasing songs shall show
    89     Third Part         WITH rev'rence let thy saints appear,
    89     Fourth Part         BLEST are the souls that hear and know
    89     Fifth Part         HEAR what the Lord in vision said,
    89     Sixth Part         YET (saith the Lord) if David's race,
    89     Seventh Part         REMEMBER, Lord, our mortal state;
    90     First Part         THRO' ev'ry age, eternal God!
    90     Second Part         OUR God, our help in ages past,
    90     Third Part         LORD, if thine eyes survey our faults,
    90     Fourth Part         RETURN, O God of love, return;
    91     First Part         HE, that hath made his refuge God,
    91     Second Part         YE sons of men, a feeble race,
    92     First Part         SWEET is the work, my God, my King,
    92     Second Part         LORD, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand
    93 JEHOVAH reigns: He dwells in light,
    94     First Part         O GOD, to whom revenge belongs,
    94     Second Part         WHO will arise and plead my right
    95     First Part         SING to the Lord Jehovah's name,
    95     Second Part         COME, sound his praise abroad,
    95     Third Part         COME, let our souls address the Lord,
    96     First Part         SING to the Lord, ye distant lands,
    96     Second Part         THE heathen know thy glory, Lord;
    97     First Part         HE reigns; the Lord, the Saviour reigns!
    97     Second Part         THE Lord is come; the heav'ns proclaim
    97     Third Part         TH' Almighty reigns, exalted high
    98     First Part         TO our almighty Maker, God,
    98     Second Part         JOY to the world; the Lord is come:
    99     First Part         THE Lord, Jehovah, reigns,
    99     Second Part         EXALT the Lord our God,
    100     First Part         BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne,
    100     Second Part         SING to the Lord most high;
    101     First Part         MERCY and judgment are my song:
    101     Second Part         OF justice and of grace I sing,
    102     First Part         HEAR me, O God, nor hide thy face,
    102     Second Part         LET Zion and her sons rejoice:
    102     Third Part         IT is the Lord our Saviour's hand
    103     First Part         O BLESS the Lord, my soul!
    103     Second Part         MY soul, repeat his praise,
    103     Third Part         MY soul, repeat his praise,
    104     First Part         MY soul, thy great Creator praise;
    104     Second Part         GOD, from his cloudy cistern, pours
    104     Third Part         BEHOLD! the stately cedar stands
    104     Fourth Part         VAST are thy works, Almighty Lord!
    105     First Part         GIVE thanks to God, invoke his name,
    105     Second Part         WHEN Pharaoh dar'd to vex the saints,
    105     Third Part         THUS were the tribes from bondage freed,
    106     First Part         TO God the great, the ever blest,
    106     Second Part         GOD of eternal love,
    106     Second Part         GOD of eternal love,
    107     First Part         GIVE thanks to God; he reigns above;
    107     Second Part         FROM age to age exalt his name;
    107     Third Part         VAIN man, on foolish pleasures bent,
    107     Fourth Part         THY works of glory, mighty Lord,
    107     Fifth Part         WHEN God, provok'd with daring crimes,
    108     First Part         AGAIN, my tongue thy silence break,
  My heart, and all
    108     Second Part         AWAKE my soul, with fervent praise,
    109 GOD of my mercy and my praise,
    110     First Part         THUS the eternal Father spake
    110     Second Part         JESUS, our Lord, ascend thy throne,
    111     First Part         SONGS of immortal praise belong
    111     Second Part         GREAT is the Lord, his works of might
    112 HAPPY is he tliat fears the Lord,
    113 YE servants of th' Almighty King,
    114 WHEN Israel freed from Pharaoh's hand,
    115 NOT to ourselves, who are but dust,
    116     First Part         I LOVE the Lord; he heard my cries,
    116     Second Part         WHAT shall I render to my God,
    117 FROM all that dwell below the skies
    118     First Part         Whate'er the sons of earth may do,
    118     Second Part         LORD, thou hast heard thy servant cry,
    118     Third Part         BEHOLD the sure foundation Stone
    118     Fourth Part         THIS is the day, the Lord hath made,
    118     Fifth Part         SEE what a living Stone
    119     First Part         BLEST are the undefil'd in heart,
    119     Second Part         TO thee, before the dawning light,
    119     Third Part         THOU art my portion, O my God:
    119     Fourth Part         HOW shall the young secure their hearts,
    119     Fifth Part         O HOW I love thy holy law!
    119     Sixth Part         LORD, I esteem thy judgments right,
    119     Seventh Part         LET all the heathen writers join,
    119     Eighth Part         LORD, I have made thy word my choice,
    119     Ninth Part         THY mercies fill the earth, O Lord,
    119     Tenth Part         BEHOLD thy waiting servant, Lord,
    119     Eleventh Part         O THAT the Lord would guide my ways
    119     Twelfth Part         MY God, consider my distress,
    119     Thirteenth Partt         WITH my whole heart I've sought thy face;
    119     Fourteenth Part         CONSIDER all my sorrows, Lord,
    119     Fifteenth Part         O THAT thy statutes ev'ry hour
    119     Sixteenth Part         MY soul lies cleaving to the dust;
    119     Seventeenth Part         WHEN pain and anguish seize me, Lord,
    119     Eighteenth Part         FATHER, I bless thy gentle hand;
    119     Nineteenth Part         KEEP me from fainting in my prayers,
    119     Twentieth Part         REMEMBER all my sorrows, Lord,
    119     Twenty-First Part         SEARCHER and Saviour of my soul,
    119     Twenty-Second Part         THE least, the feeblest of the sheep,
    120 THOU God of love, thou ever blest,
    121     First Part         TO Zion's hill I lift my eyes,
    121     Second Part         UPWARD I lift mine eyes;
    122 HOW did my heart rejoice to hear
    123 O THOU, whose grace and justice reign
    124 HAD not the Lord, may Israel say,
    125 FIRM and unmov'd are they
    126     First Part         WHEN God rcstor'd our captive state,
    126     Second Part         WHEN God reveal'd his gracious name,
    127 IF God succeed not, all the cost
    128 O HAPPY man, whose soul is fill'd
    129 UP from my youth, may Israel say,
    130 OUT of the depths of long distress,
    131 IS there ambition in my heart?
    132     First Part         WHERE shall we go, to seek and find
    132     Second Part         ARISE, O King of grace, arise,
    132     Third Part         THE Lord in Zion plac'd his throne,
    133     First Part         LO! what an entertaining sight
    133     Second Part         BLEST are the sons of peace,
    134 YE that obey th' immortal King,
    135     First Part         PRAISE ye the Lord, exalt his name,
    135     Second Part         GREAT is the Lord, exalted high,
    135     Third Part         AWAKE, ye saints, to praise your King,
    136     First Part         GIVE thanks to God most high,
    136     Second Part         GIVE to our God immortal praise;
    137     First Part         BY Babel's stream the captives sate,
    137     Second Part         LORD, in those dark and dismal days,
    137     Third Part         I LOVE thy kingdom, Lord,
    138 WITH all my pow'rs of heart and tongue,
    139     First Part         THOU, Lord, by strictest search hast known
    139     Second Part         WHEN I with pleading wonder stand,
    139     Third Part         LORD, when I count thy mercies o'er,
    139     Fourth Part         MY God, what inward grief I feel,
    140 MY God, while impious men,
    141 MY God, accept my early vows,
    142 TO God I made my sorrows known,
    143 MY righteous Judge, my gracious God!
    144     First Part         FOR ever blessed be the Lord,
    144     Second Part         LORD, what is man, poor feeble man,
    144     Third Part         HAPPY the city, where their sons
    145     First Part         MY God, my King, thy various praise
    145     Second Part         SWEET is the mem'ry of thy grace,
    145     Third Part         LET ev'ry tongue thy mercy speak,
    146     First Part         PRAISE ye the Lord: my heart shall join
    146     Second Part         I'll praise my Maker with my breath:
    147     First Part         PRAISE ye the Lord: 'tis good to raise
    147     Second Part         LET Zion praise the mighty God,
    147     Third Part         WITH songs and honours sounding loud
    148     First Part         YE tribes of Adam, join
    148     Second Part         LOUD hallelujahs to the Lord,
    149 ALL ye that love the Lord, rejoice,
    150     First Part         IN Zion's sacred gates,
    150     Second Part         PRAISE ye the Lord; all nature join


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