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HYMN 139. P.M.
The song of Hannah - an encouragement to Prayer. (cont.)

  6 We need not fear a creature's face,
While welcome at a throne of grace,
  4    Men have not pow'r nor skill
   With troubled souls to bear:
   Tho' they express good will,
   Poor comforters they are:
But swelling sorrows sink apace,
When we approach the throne of grace.
  5    Thousands have often tried,
   And with success were crown'd;
   Not one has been denied,
   But all an answer found.
Let us by faith their footsteps trace,
And hasten to the throne of grace.

HYMN 140. C.M.
The song of Hezekiah.

  1 WHEN we are rais'd from deep distress,
   Our God deserves a song,
We take the pattern of our praise
   From Hezekiah's tongue.
  2 The gates of the devouring grave
   Are open'd wide in vain,
If he, who holds the keys of death,
   Commands them fast again.
  3 Pains of the flesh are wont t' abuse
   Our minds with slavish fears;
"Our days are past, and we shall lose
   "The remnant of our years."
  4 We chatter with a swallow's voice
Or like a dove we mourn;
With bitterness instead of joys,
Afflicted and forlorn.
  5 Jehovah speaks the healing word,
And no disease withstands;

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HYMN 140. C.M.
The song of Hezekiah. (cont.)

  5 Fevers and plagues obey the Lord,
   And fly at his commands.
  6 If half the strings of life should break,
   He can our frame restore:
He casts our sins behind his back,
   And they are found no more.

HYMN 141. L.M.
The song of Mary.

  1 OUR souls shall magnify the Lord;
In God the Saviour we rejoice:
While we repeat the Virgin's song,
May the same Spirit tune our voice!
  2 The Highest saw her low estate,
And mighty things his hand hath done;
His over-shadowing pow'r and grace
Makes her the mother of his Son.
  3 Let ev'ry nation call her bless'd,
And endless years prolong her fame:
But God alone must be ador'd;
Holy and rev'rend is his name.
  4 To those that fear and trust the Lord,
His mercy stands for ever sure;
From age to age his promise lives,
And the performance is secure.
  5 He spake to Abra'm and his seed,
"In thee shall all the earth be bless'd:"
The mem'ry of that ancient word
Lay long in his eternal breast.
  6 But now, no more shall Israel wait,
No more the Gentiles lie forlorn:
Lo, the desire of nations comes,
Behold, the promis'd Seed is born!


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