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PSALM 145. Second Part. C.M.
The goodness of God.

  1 SWEET is the mem'ry of thy grace,
   My God, my heav'nly King:
Let age to age thy righteousness
   In sounds of glory sing.
  2 God reigns on high, but not confines
   His goodness to the skies;
Thro' the whole earth his bounty shines,
   And ev'ry want supplies.
  3 With longing eyes thy creatures wait
   On thee for daily food;
Thy lib'ral hand provides their meat,
   And fills their mouths with good.
  4 How kind are thy compassions, Lord!
   How slow thine anger moves!
But soon he sends his pard'ning word
   To cheer the souls he loves.
  5 Creatures, with all their endless race,
   Thy pow'r and praise proclaim;
But saints that taste thy richer grace,
   Delight to bless thy name.

PSALM 145. Third Part. C.M.
The mercy of God.

  1 LET ev'ry tongue thy mercy speak,
   Thou sovereign Lord of all;
Thy strength'ning hands uphold the weak,
   And raise the poor that fall.
  2 When sorrow bows the spirit down,
   Or virtue lies distrest
Beneath some proud oppressor's frown,
   Thou giv'st the mourners rest.
  3 The Lord supports our sinking days,
   And guides our giddy youth:

PAGE 249

PSALM 145. Third Part. C.M.
The mercy of God. (cont.)

  3 Holy and just are all his ways,
   And all his words are truth.
  4 He knows the pain his servants feel;
   He hears his children cry;
And their best wishes to fulfil,
   His grace is ever nigh.
  5 His mercy never shall remove
   From men of heart sincere:
He saves the souls, whose humble love
   Is join'd with holy fear.
  6 His stubborn foes, his sword shall slay,
   And pierce their hearts with pain;
But none, that serve the Lord, shall say,
   "They sought his aid in vain."
  7 My lips shall dwell upon his praise,
   And spread his fame abroad:
Let all the sons of Adam raise
   The honours of their God.

PSALM 146. First Part. L.M.
Praise to God for his goodness and truth.

  1 PRAISE ye the Lord: my heart shall join
In work so pleasant, so divine;
Now while the flesh is my abode,
And when my soul ascends to God.
  2 Praise shall employ my noblest pow'rs,
While immortality endures;
My days of praise shall ne'er be past,
While life, and thought, and being last.
  3 Why should I make a man my trust?
Princes must die and turn to dust;
Their breath departs, their pomp and pow'r,
And thoughts all vanish in an hour.
  4 Happy the man, whose hopes rely
On Israel's God; he made the sky,

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