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PSALM 142. C.M.
God is the hope of the helpless. (cont.)

  2 My God, who all my burdens knows,
   Knows ev'ry way I take.
  3 On ev'ry side I cast mine eye,
   And found my helpers gone;
While friends and strangers pass'd me by
   Neglected or unknown.
  4 Then did I raise a louder cry,
   And call'd thy mercy near;
"Thou art my portion, when I die:
   "Be thou my refuge here."
  5 Lord, I am brought exceeding low;
   Now let thine ear attend,
And make my foes, who vex me, know,
   I've an Almighty Friend.
  6 From my sad prison set me free;
   Then shall I praise thy name:
And holy men shall join with me,
   Thy kindness to proclaim.

PSALM 143. L.M.
Mourning under afflictions in mind and body.

  1 MY righteous Judge, my gracious God!
Hear, when I spread my hands abroad,
And cry for succour from thy throne:
O make thy truth and mercy known!
  2 Let judgment not against me pass;
Behold, thy servant pleads thy grace:
Should justice call me to thy bar,
No living man is guiltless there.
  3 Look down in pity, Lord, and see
The mighty woes that burden me:
Down to the dust my life is brought,
Like one long buried and forgot.
  4 I dwell in darkness and unseen,
My heart is desolate within;

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PSALM 143. L.M.
Mourning under afflictions in mind and body. (cont.)

  4 My thoughts in musing silence trace
The ancient wonders of thy grace.
  5 Thence I derive a glimpse of hope
To bear my sinking spirits up;
I stretch my hands to God again,
And thirst, like parched lands, for rain.
  6 For thee I thirst, I pray, I mourn;
When will thy smiling face return?
Shall all my joys on earth remove?
And God for ever hide his love?
  7 My God, thy long delay, to save,
Will sink thy pris'ner to the grave;
My heart grows faint, and dim mine eye;
Make haste to help before I die.
  8 The night is witness to my tears,
Distressing pains, distressing fears:
O, might I hear thy morning voice,
How would my wearied pow'rs rejoice!
  9 In thee I trust, to thee I sigh,
And raise my grieved soul on high;
For thee sit waiting all the day,
And wear the tiresome hours away.
 10 Break off my fetters, Lord, and show
Which is the path, my feet should go;
If snares and foes beset the road,
I flee to hide me near my God.
 11 Teach me to do thy holy will,
And lead me to thy heavenly hill;
Let the Good Spirit of thy love
Conduct me to thy courts above.
 12 Then shall my soul no more complain;
The tempter then shall rage in vain:
And flesh, that was my foe before,
Shall never vex my spirit more.

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