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PSALM 137. First Part. L.M.
The sorrows of Israel in captivity. (cont.)

  3 "Let useful skill our hands forsake;
"Our hearts with hopeless sorrow break."
  4 "Thou, ruin'd Salem, to our eyes
"Each day, in sad remembrance, rise!
"Should we e'er cease to feel thy wrongs,
"Lost be our joys, and mute our tongues."
  5 "Remember, Lord, proud Edom's sons,
"Who cried, exulting at our groans,
"While Salem trembled at her base,
"Rase them : her deep foundations rase."
  6 While thus they sung, the mourners view'd
Their foes by Cyrus' arm subdu'd,
And saw his glory rise, who spread
Their streets, and fields, with hosts of dead.
  7 Pleas'd, they foresaw, the blest decree,
That set their tribes from bondage free;
Renew'd the temple, and restored
The sacred worship of the Lord.

PSALM 137. Second Part. L.M.
The church's complaint.

  1 LORD, in those dark and dismal days,
We mourn the hidings of thy face;
Proud enemies our path surround,
To level Zion with the ground.
  2 Her sons, her worship, they deride,
And hiss thy word with tongues of pride;
And cry, t' insult our humble prayer,
"Where is your God, ye Christians, where?"
  3 Errors, and sins, and follies grow;
Thy saints bow down in deepest woe:
Their love decays, their zeal is o'er:
And thousands walk with Christ no more.
  4 To happier days our bosoms turn;
Those days but teach us how to mourn:

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PSALM 137. Second Part. L.M.
The church's complaint. (cont.)

  4 The God, who bade his mercy flow,
In wrath withdraws his blessing now.
  5 The blessing from thy truth's withdrawn;
Its quick'ning, saving influ'nce gone:
Unwarn'd, unwaken'd, sinners hear,
Nor see their awful danger near.
  6 In dews unseen, in scanty show'rs,
Thy Spirit sheds his healing pow'rs:
Thy thirsty ground is parch'd beneath,
And all is barrenness, and death.
  7 Yet still, thy name be ever blest,
On thee our hope shall safely rest:
Zion her Saviour soon shall see
Array'd to set his Israel free.
  8 Jesus, with vengeance arm'd, shall come
To crush his foes, and seal their doom;
The mystic Babel whelm in dust,
Her pomp, her idols, pow'r and trust.
  9 Then shall thy saints exult, and sing
The matchless glories of their King;
Nations before his altar bend,
And peace from realm to realm extend.

PSALM 137. Third Part. S.M.
Love to the church.

  1 I LOVE thy kingdom, Lord,
   The house of thine abode;
The church our blest Redeemer sav'd
   With his own precious blood.
  2 I love thy Church, O God!
   Her walls before thee stand,
Dear as the apple of thine eye,
   And graven on thy hand.
  3 If e'er to bless thy sons
   My voice, or hands deny,

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