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PSALM 135. Second Part. L.M.
Creation, Providence and Redemption. (cont.)

  1 Whate'er he pleas'd in earth or sea,
Or heav'n, or hell, his hand hath done.
  2 At his command the vapours rise,
The lightnings flash, the thunders roar;
He pours the rain; he brings the wind,
And tempest from his airy store.
  3 'Twas he, those dreadful tokens sent,
O Egypt, thro' thy stubborn land!
When all thy first-bom, beasts and men,
Fell dead by his avenging hand.
  4 What mighty nations, mighty kings
He slew, and their whole country gave
To Israel, whom his hand redeem'd,
No more to be proud Pharaoh's slave.
  5 His pow'r the same, the same his grace,
That saves us from the hosts of hell:
And heav'n he gives us to possess,
Whence those apostate angels fell.

PSALM 135. Third Part. L.M.
Praise due to God alone.

  6 AWAKE, ye saints, to praise your King,
   Your sweetest passions raise;
Your pious pleasure, while you sing,
   Increasing with the praise.
  2 Great is the Lord; and works unknown
   Are his divine employ;
But still his saints are near his throne,
   His treasure and his joy.
  3 Heav'n, earth, and sea confess his hand;
   He bids the vapours rise:
Lightning and storms at his command
   Sweep thro' the sounding skies.
  4 All pow'r, that gods or kings have claim'd,
   Is found with him alone:

PAGE 233

PSALM 135. Third Part. L.M.
Praise due to God alone. (cont.)

  4 But heathen gods should ne'er be nam'd
   Where our Jehovah's known.
  5 O Zion trust the living God,
   Serve him with faith and fear;
He makes thy courts his blest abode,
   And claims his honours there.

PSALM 136. First Part. P.M.
The wonders of Creation, Providence, and Redemption.

  1    GIVE thanks to God most high,
   The universal Lord;
   The sov'reign King of kings;
   And be his grace ador'd.
"His pow'r and grace are still the same;
"And let his name have endless praise."
  2    How mighty is his hand!
   What wonders hath he done!
   He form'd the earth and seas,
   And spread the heav'ns alone.
"Thy mercy, Lord, shall still endure;
"And ever sure abides thy word."
  3    His wisdom fram'd the sun,
   To crown the day with light;
   The moon and twinkling stars,
   To cheer the darksome night.
"His pow'r and grace are still the same;
"And let his name have endless praise."
  4    He smote the first-born sons,
   The flow'r of Egypt, dead;
   And thence his chosen tribes
   With joy and glory led.
"Thy mercy, Lord, shall still endure:
"And ever sure abides thy word."
  5    His pow'r and lifted rod
   Cleft the Red Sea in two;

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