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PSALM 127. L.M.
The blessing of God on the cares and comforts of life.

  1 IF God succeed not, all the cost
And pains to build the house are lost;
If God the city do not keep,
The watchful guards as well may sleep.
  2 What, tho' you rise before the sun,
And work and toil when day is done;
Careful and sparing eat your bread,
To shun that poverty you dread;
  3 'Tis all in vain, till God hath blest;
He can make rich, yet give us rest:
Children and friends are blessings too,
If God, our sov'reign, make them so.
  4 Happy the man to whom he sends
Obedient children, faithful friends:
How sweet our daily comforts prove,
When they are season'd with his love!

PSALM 128. C.M.
A christian blessed in his family.

  1 O HAPPY man, whose soul is fill'd
   With faith and rev'rend awe;
Whose lips to God their honours yield,
   Whose life adorns the law.
  2 A careful Providence shall stand,
   And ever guard thy head;
And on the labours of thy hand
   Its kindly blessings shed.
  3 Thy wife shall be a fruitful vine;
   Thy children round thy board,
Each, like a plant of honour, shine,
   And learn to fear the Lord.
  4 The Lord shall thy best hopes fulfil,
   For months and years to come;

PAGE 225

PSALM 128. C.M.
A christian blessed in his family. (cont.)

  4 The Lord, who dwells on Zion's hill,
   Shall send the blessings home.
  5 This is the man, whose happy eyes
   Shall see his house increase;
Shall see the sinking church arise,
   And leave the world in peace.

PSALM 129. C.M.
Persecutors punished.

  1 UP from my youth, may Israel say,
   Have I been nurs'd in tears;
My griefs were constant as the day,
   And tedious as the years.
  2 Up from my youth I bore the rage
   Of all the sons of strife;
Oft they assail'd my riper age,
   But not destroy'd my life.
  3 Their cruel plough had torn my flesh
   With furrows long and deep;
Hourly they vex'd my wounds afresh,
   Nor let my sorrows sleep.
  4 How was their insolence surpris'd,
   To hear his thunders roll!
And all the foes of Zion seiz'd
   With horror to the soul.
  5 Thus shall the men that hate the saints,
   Be blasted from the sky;
Their glory fades, their courage faints.
   And all their projects die.
  6 What tho' they flourish tall and fair!
   They have no root beneath;
Their growth shall perish in despair,
   And lie despis'd in death.
  7 So corn, that on the house-top stands.
   No hope of harvest gives;

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