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PSALM 119. Twenty-First Part. L.M.
An appeal to the Searcher of hearts. (cont.)

  2 Sinners of state with pow'r array'd,
Who fear not God, nor man regard,
Have persecuted without cause;
But all their hatred I defy.
  3 Still to thy word my soul repairs;
Thence I my highest comforts draw:
Tho' foes may fight and devils rage,
If God be for me, all is well.
  4 Sustain me then with promis'd grace,
Revive my heart, increase my faith:
I hate to lie, I love the truth;
O! make me be what I profess.
  5 Sev'n times a day my pray'rs ascend
With mingled praises, to the throne:
'Tis good to seek my Father's face,
And plead in my Redeemer's name.
  6 Strong peace have they, who love thy law;
Firm on a rock their hopes are built;
Their faith looks up to nobler scenes,
And nothing can detain them here.
  7 Seal to my soul thy pard'ning love,
Let strength be equal to my day;
Then will I run with great delight,
And eager press, to seize the prize.
  8 Supremely wise, and good, and great;
O! search my heart, and try my ways;
Thy word I love, thy judgments fear,
And tremble, while I pray and praise.

PSALM 119. Twenty-Second Part. C.M.
I have gone astray like a lost sheep.

  1 THE least, the feeblest of the sheep,
   To Christ, the Father gave;
He loves the flock, the charge he'll keep:
   His arm is strong to save.

PAGE 217

PSALM 119. Twenty-Second Part. C.M.
I have gone astray like a lost sheep. (cont.)

  2 They're prone to wander out of sight,
   And apt to run astray;
And when once lost, unable quite
   To find again the way.
  3 That hand, which heav'n and earth upholds,
   Can keep them free from harms;
The Shepherd brings them to their folds,
   And bears them in his arms.
  4 To thee, my Shepherd and my Rock,
   A grateful song I'll raise;
O! let the meanest of the flock
   Attempt to speak thy praise.
  5 Thou art my guard; my all I owe
   To thine amazing love:
My standing in thy fold below,
   And hopes of bliss above.
  6 Ten thousand thousand comforts here,
   Dispens'd in various ways,
Confirm thy faithfulness and care,
   And claim adoring praise.
  7 Then, guided, Shepherd, by thy love,
   My feet shall keep thy way;
Soon shall I reach thy fold above,
   And go no more astray.

PSALM 120. C.M.
Christians love peace.

  1 THOU God of love, thou ever blest,
   Pity my suff'ring state:
When wilt thou set my soul at rest
   From lips, that love deceit?
  2 Hard lot of mine! my days are cast
   Among the sons of strife;
Whose never-ceasing brawlings waste
   My golden hours of life.

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