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PSALM 119. Sixth Part. C.M.
Holiness and comfort from the Word. (cont.)

  2 Thy precepts often I survey;
   I keep thy laws in sight,
Thro' all the bus'ness of the day,
   To form my actions right.
  3 My heart in midnight silence cries,
   "How sweet thy comforts be!"
My thoughts in holy wonder rise,
   And bring their thanks to thee.
  4 And when my spirit drinks her fill,
   At some good word of thine;
Not mighty men, that share the spoil,
   Have joys compar'd to mine.

PSALM 119. Seventh Part. C.M.
Imperfection of nature, and perfection of scripture.

  1 LET all the heathen writers join,
   To form one perfect book;
Great God! if once compar'd with thine,
   How mean their writings look!
  2 Not the most perfect rules they gave
   Could show one sin forgiv'n;
Nor lead a step beyond the grave;
   But thine conduct to heav'n.
  3 I've seen an end of what we call
   Perfection here below:
How short the pow'rs of nature fall!
   And can no further go.
  4 Yet men would fain be just with God,
   By works their hands have wrought;
But thy commands, exceeding broad,
   Extend to ev'ry thought.
  5 In vain we boast perfection here,
   While sin defiles our frame;
And sinks our virtues down so far,
   They scarce deserve the name.

PAGE 207

PSALM 119. Seventh Part. C.M.
Imperfection of nature, and perfection of scripture. (cont.)

  6 Our faith and love, and ev'ry grace,
   Fall far below thy word;
But perfect truth and righteousness
   Dwell only with the Lord.

PSALM 119. Eighth Part. C.M.
The excellency and variety of scripture.

  1 LORD, I have made thy word my choice,
   My lasting heritage;
There shall my noblest pow'rs rejoice,
   My warmest thoughts engage.
  2 I'll read the hist'ries of thy love,
   And keep thy laws in sight;
While thro' thy promises I rove,
   With ever fresh delight.
  3 'Tis a broad land of wealth unknown,
   Where springs of life arise;
Seeds of immortal bliss are sown,
   And hidden glory lies.
  4 The best relief that mourners have;
It makes our sorrows blest;
Our fairest hope beyond the grave,
And our eternal rest.

PSALM 119. Ninth Part. C.M.
The teaching of the Spirit with the Word.

  1 THY mercies fill the earth, O Lord,
   How good thy works appear!
Open mine eyes to read thy word,
   And see thy wonders there.
  2 My heart was fashion'd by thy hand,
   My service is thy due:
O make thy servant understand
   The duties he must do!
  3 Since I'm a stranger here below,
   Let not thy path be hid;

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