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PSALM 119. Third Part. C.M.
Repentance and obedience. (cont.)

  6 And thus, 'till mortal life shall end,
   Would I perform thy will.

PSALM 119. Fourth Part. C.M.
Repentance and obedience.

  1 HOW shall the young secure their hearts,
   And guard their lives from sin?
Thy word the choicest rules imparts
   To keep the conscience clean.
  2 When once it penetrates the mind,
   It spreads such light abroad;
The meanest souls instruction find,
   And raise their thoughts to God.
  3 'Tis, like the sun, a heav'nly light
   That guides us all the day:
And thro' the dangers of the night,
   A lamp to lead our way.
  4 The men that keep thy law with care,
   And meditate thy word,
Grow wiser than their teachers are,
   And better know the Lord.
  5 Thy precepts make me truly wise;
   I hate the sinner's road:
I hate my own vain thoughts, that rise;
   But love thy law, my God.
  6 The starry heav'ns thy rule obey;
   The earth maintains her place:
And these thy servants night and day
   Thy skill and pow'r express.
  7 But still thy law and gospel, Lord,
   Give lessons more divine;
Nor earth stands firmer than thy word,
   Nor stars so nobly shine.
  8 Thy word is everlasting truth:
   How pure is ev'ry page!

PAGE 205

PSALM 119. Fourth Part. C.M.
Repentance and obedience. (cont.)

  8 That holy book shall guide our youth,
   And well support our age.

PSALM 119. Fifth Part. C.M.
Delight in scripture.

  1 O HOW I love thy holy law!
   'Tis daily my delight:
And thence my meditations draw
   Divine advice by night.
  2 My waking eyes prevent the day,
   To meditate thy word:
My soul with longing melts away,
   To hear thy gospel, Lord.
  3 How doth thy word my heart engage!
   How well employ my tongue!
And in my tiresome pilgrimage,
   Yield me a heav'nly song!
  4 Am I a stranger, or at home,
   'Tis my perpetual feast;
Not honey, dropping from the comb,
   So much allures the taste.
  5 No treasures so enrich the mind;
   Nor shall thy word be sold
For loads of silver well refin'd;
   Nor heaps of choicest gold.
  6 When nature sinks, and spirits droop,
   Thy promises of grace
Are pillars to support my hope;
   And there I write thy praise.

PSALM 119. Sixth Part. C.M.
Holiness and comfort from the Word.

  1 LORD, I esteem thy judgments right,
   And all thy statutes just;
Thence I maintain a constant fight
   With ev'ry flatt'ring lust.

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