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PSALM 118. Second Part. C.M.
Public praise for deliverance from death. (cont.)

  4 There we have told thee our complaints,
   And there we speak thy praise.

PSALM 118. Third Part. C.M.
Christ the foundation of his church.

  1 BEHOLD the sure foundation Stone
   Which God in Zion lays,
To build our heav'nly hopes upon,
   And his eternal praise.
  2 Chosen of God, to sinners dear,
   How glorious is thy name!
Saints trust their whole salvation here,
   Nor shall they suffer shame.
  3 The foolish builders, scribe and priest,
   Reject it with disdain:
Yet on this rock the church shall rest,
   And envy rage in vain.
  4 What tho' the gates of hell withstood;
   Yet must this building rise:
'Tis thy own work. Almighty God,
   And wondrous in our eyes.

PSALM 118. Fourth Part. C.M.
The resurrection of Christ and our salvation.

  1 THIS is the day, the Lord hath made,
   He calls the hours his own;
Let heav'n rejoice, let earth be glad,
   And praise surround the throne.
  2 To-day he rose, and left the dead;
   And Satan's empire fell:
To-day the saints his triumph spread,
   And all his wonders tell.
  3 Hosanna to th' anointed King,
   To David's holy Son:
Help us, O Lord, descend and bring
   Salvation from thy throne.

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PSALM 118. Fourth Part. C.M.
The resurrection of Christ and our salvation. (cont.)

  4 Blest be the Lord who comes to men
   With messages of grace;
Who comes in God, his Father's name,
   To save our sinful race.
  5 Hosanna in the highest strains
   The church on earth can raise;
The highest heav'ns in which he reigns,
   Shall give him nobler praise.

PSALM 118. Fifth Part. S.M.
Hosanna for the Lord's day.

  1 SEE what a living Stone
   The builders did refuse!
Yet God hath built his church thereon
   In spite of envious Jews.
  2 The scribe and angry priest
   Reject thine only Son;
Yet on this rock shall Zion rest,
   As the chief Corner Stone.
  3 The work, O Lord, is thine,
   And wondrous in our eyes:
This day declares it all divine,
   This day did Jesus rise.
  4 This is the glorious day,
   That our Redeemer made:
Let us rejoice, and sing and pray;
   Let all the church be glad.
  5 Hosanna to the King
   Of David's royal blood;
Bless him, ye saints; he comes to bring
   Salvation from your God.
  6 We bless thy holy word,
   Which all this grace displays;
And offer on thine altar, Lord,
   Our sacrifice of praise.

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