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PSALM 90. First Part. L.M.
Man mortal and God eternal. A funeral psalm. (cont.)

  6 And if to eighty we arrive,
We rather sigh and groan, than live.
  7 But oh! how oft thy wrath appears,
And cuts off our expected years!
Thy wrath awakes our humble dread:
We fear the pow'r that strikes us dead.
  8 Teach us, O Lord, how frail is man;
And kindly lengthen out our span;
'Till faith, and love, and piety,
Fit us to die, and dwell with thee.

PSALM 90. Second Part. C.M.
Man frail, and God our refuge.

  1 OUR God, our help in ages past,
   Our hope for years to come,
Our shelter from the stormy blast,
   And our eternal home!
  2 Before the hills in order stood,
   Or earth receiv'd her frame,
From everlasting thou art God,
   To endless years the same.
  3 Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
   Bears all its sons away;
They fly, forgotten, as a dream
   Dies at the op'ning day.
  4 Our God, our help in ages past,
   Our hope for years to come,
Be thou our guard while troubles last,
   And our eternal home.

PSALM 90. Third Part. C.M.
Infirmities and death the effects of sin.

  1 LORD, if thine eyes survey our faults,
   And justice grows severe,
Thy dreadful wrath exceeds our thoughts,
   And burns beyond our fear.

PAGE 155

PSALM 90. Third Part. C.M.
Infirmities and death the effects of sin. (cont.)

  2 Thine anger turns our frame to dust;
By one offence to thee,
   Adam and all his sons have lost
   Their immortality.
  3 Life, like a vain amusement flies,
   A fable or a song:
By swift degrees our nature dies,
   Nor can our joys be long.
  4 'Tis but a few, whose days amount
   To three score years and ten;
And all, beyond that short account,
   Is sorrow, toil, and pain.
  5 Almighty God, reveal thy love,
   And not thy wrath alone:
O let our sweet experience prove
   The mercies of thy throne!

PSALM 90. Fourth Part. C.M.
Breathing after heaven.

  1 RETURN, O God of love, return;
   Earth is a tiresome place;
How long shall we, thy children, mourn
   Our absence from thy face?
  2 Let heav'n succeed our painful years,
   Let sin and sorrow cease;
And, in proportion to our tears,
   So make our joys increase.
  3 Thy wonders to thy servants show,
   Make thy own work complete;
Then shall our souls thy glory know,
   And own thy love was great.
  4 Then shall we shine before thy throne,
   In all thy beauty, Lord;
And, the poor service, we have done,
   Meet a divine reward.

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