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PSALM 83. S.M.
The prayer of the church against prosecutors. (cont.)

  6 Convince their madness, Lord,
   And make them seek thy name:
Or else their stubborn rage confound,
   That they may die in shame.
  7 Then shall the nations know
   That glorious dreadful word:
Jehovah is thy name alone,
   And thou the sov'reign Lord.

PSALM 84. First Part. L.M.
The pleasure of public worship.

  1 HOW pleasant, how divinely fair,
O Lord of hosts, thy dwellings are!
With long desire my spirit faints
To meet th' assemblies of thy saints.
  2 My flesh would rest in thine abode,
My panting heart cries out for God;
My God, my King, why should I be
So far from all my joys, and thee?
  3 The sparrow chooses where to rest,
And for her young provides her nest;
But will my God to sparrows grant
That pleasure which his children want?
  4 Blest are the saints who sit on high,
Around thy throne of majesty;
Thy brightest glories shine above,
And all their work is praise and love.
  5 Blest are the souls that find a place
Within the temple of thy grace:
There they behold thy gentler rays,
And seek thy face, and learn thy praise.
  6 Blest are the men whose hearts are set
To find the way to Zion's gate:
God is their strength, and thro' the road
They lean upon their helper, God.

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PSALM 84. First Part. L.M.
The pleasure of public worship. (cont.)

  7 Cheerful they walk with growing strength,
'Till all shall meet in heav'n at length;
'Till all before thy face appear,
And join in nobler worship there.

PSALM 84. Second Part. L.M.
Grace and glory.

  1 GREAT God attend, while Zion sings
The joy, that from thy presence springs:
To spend one day, with thee on earth,
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth,
  2 Might I enjoy the meanest place
Within thy house, O God of grace;
Not tents of ease, nor thrones of pow'r,
Should tempt my feet to leave thy door.
  3 God is our sun, he makes our day;
God is our shield, he guards our way
From all th' assaults of hell and sin;
From foes without and foes within.
  4 All needful grace God will bestow,
And crown that grace with glory too:
He gives us all things, and withholds
No real good from upright souls.
  5 O God, our King, thy sov'reign sway,
The glorious hosts of heav'n obey;
And devils at thy presence flee:
Blest is the man that trusts in thee!

PSALM 84. Third Part. P.M.
Longing for the house of God.

  1    LORD of the worlds above,
   How pleasant and how fair
   The dwellings of thy love,
   Thine earthly temples are!
To thine abode my heart aspires,
With warm desires to see my God.

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