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PSALM 80. Third Part. L.M.
Christ, the defender of his church. (cont.)

  4 Turn us to thee, thy love restore;
We shall be sav'd, and sigh no more.

PSALM 81. S.M.
The warnings of God to his people.

  1 SING to the Lord aloud,
   And make a joyful noise:
God is our strength, our Saviour God;
   Let Israel hear his voice,
  2 "From vile idolatry
   "Preserve my worship clean;
"I am the Lord who set thee free
   "From slavery and sin.
  3 "Stretch thy desires abroad,
   "And I'll supply them well;
"But if ye will refuse your God,
   "If Israel will rebel,
  4 "I'll leave them," saith the Lord,
   "To their own lusts a prey,
"And let them run the dang'rous road,
   "'Tis their own chosen way.
  5 "Yet O, that all my saints
   "Would hearken to my voice!
"Soon would I ease their sore complaints,
   "And bid their hearts rejoice.
  6 "While I destroyed their foes,
   "I'd richly feed my flock,
"And they should taste the stream, that flows
   "From their eternal Rock."

PSALM 82. L.M.
God the supreme ruler; or, magistrates warned.

  1 AMONG th' assemblies of the great,
A greater Ruler takes his seat;
The God of heav'n, as Judge, surveys
Those gods on earth, and all their ways.

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PSALM 82. L.M.
God the supreme ruler; or, magistrates warned. (cont.)

  2 Why will ye then frame wicked laws?
Or why support th' unrighteous cause?
When will ye once defend the poor,
That sinners vex the saints no more?
  3 They know not, Lord, nor will they know;
Dark are the ways in which they go:
Their name of earthly gods is vain:
For they shall fall, and die like men,
  4 Arise, O Lord, and let thy Son
Possess his universal throne;
And rule the nations with his rod:
He is our Judge, and he our God.

PSALM 83. S.M.
The prayer of the church against prosecutors.

  1 AND will the God of grace
   Perpetual silence keep?
The God of justice hold his peace,
   And let his vengeance sleep?
  2 Behold what cursed snares
   The men of mischief spread!
The men, that hate thy saints and thee,
   Lift up their threat'ning head.
  3 Against thy hidden ones
   Their counsels they employ;
And malice, with her watchful eye,
   Pursues them to destroy.
  4 "Come, let us join," they cry,
   "To root them from the ground;
"Till not the name of saints remain,
   "Nor mem'ry shall be found."
  5 Awake, almighty God!
   And call thy wrath to mind:
Give them like forests to the fire;
   Or stubble to the wind.

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