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PSALM 70. L.M.
A prayer of the church for the prescence of Christ.

  1 O THOU, whose hand the kingdom sways;
Whom earth, and hell, and heav'n obeys;
To help thy chosen sons appear,
And show thy pow'r and glory here!
  2 While stupid wretches, sunk in sleep,
Slide onward to the fiery deep,
To sense, and sin and madness giv'n,
Believe no hell, and wish no heav'n;
  3 While fools deride, while foes oppress,
And Zion mourns in deep distress;
Her friends withdraw, her foes grow bold;
Truth fails, and love is waxen coid.
  4 O haste, with ev'ry gift inspir'd,
With glory, truth, and grace attir'd,
Thou Star of heav'n's eternal morn;
Thou Sun, whom beams divine adorn!
  5 Assert the honour of thy name;
O'erwhelm thy foes with fear and shame;
Then, send thy Spirit from above,
And change their enmity to love.
  6 Saints shall be glad before thy face,
And grow in faith, in truth, and grace:
Thy church shall blossom in thy sight,
Yield fruits of peace and pure delight.
  7 O hither, then, thy footsteps bend;
Swift as a roe, from hills descend;
Mild as the sabbath's cheerful ray,
'Till life unfolds eternal day!

PSALM 71. First Part. C.M.
The vengeance and compassion of God.

  3 MY God, my everlasting hope,
   I live upon thy truth;

PAGE 121

PSALM 71. First Part. C.M.
The vengeance and compassion of God. (cont.)

  1 Thy hands have held my childhood up,
   And strengthen'd all my youth.
  2 My flesh was fashion'd by thy pow'r,
   With all these limbs of mine;
And, from my mother's painful hour,
   I've been entirely thine.
  3 Still hath my life new wonders seen
   Repeated ev'ry year;
Behold! my days that yet remain,
   I trust them to thy care.
  4 Cast me not off when strength declines,
   When hoary hairs arise;
And round me let thy glory shine,
   Whene'er thy servant dies,
  5 Then in the hist'ry of my age,
   When men review my days,
They'll read thy love in ev'ry page,
   In ev'ry line thy praise.

PSALM 71. Second Part. C.M.
Christ is our strength and righteousness.

  1 MY Saviour, my Almighty Friend,
   When I begin thy praise,
Where will the growing numbers end,
   The numbers of thy grace?
  2 Thou art my everlasting trust,
   Thy goodness I adore!
And, since I knew thy graces first,
   I speak thy glories more.
  3 My feet shall travel all the length
   Of the celestial road;
And march with courage in thy strength,
   To see my Father, God.
  4 When I am fill'd with sore distress
   For some surprising sin,

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